Professional Tuition Centres vs Private Tutoring

From past few years, the demand of private tutors and tuition centers has increased. Parents find it difficult to teach their kids by themselves. Hence it turned many parents in hiring a private tutor or enroll their children in science tuition center. According to the report of BBC, the tuition industry has boomed and it is estimated that till 2022 it will reach $227 billion. What makes this boom is the demand of tuition centers and private tutoring online.

But what makes the parents think is whether to choose a private tutor or to enroll their kids in science or maths tuition centers. It is a common factor that different learning and teaching styles can benefit different types of students. So before going with anyone lets have a look at main cost factor that make them different from each other.


Tutoring cost can differ both private tutor and tuition center. A private tutor can charge more as he comes to your home and especially teaches your kids only instead of group of kids where he can charge more from each student. In Singapore, teaching is charged per hour which means you have to pay according to per hour rate. It can differ depending on teacher and subjects.

On the other hand, tuition centers charge less as compared to private tutors. In tuition, an individual teacher teaches more than 20 students. There rate also comes in per hour that is around about $20-25 per hour depending on the subjects.

Private Tutor Vs Tuition Center

Private Tutor

He/She is an individual person that teach only one or a small group of students consists of up to 5 students. They come to your home on decided schedule and teaches your kids. It is a good way as it involves one-to-one communication that means your child will get full attention. It makes your kids focus on studies even more and achieve their goals and results.


  • They are more convenient to your schedule. You can decide any schedule that you and your kids are comfortable with.
  • It is a best way of one-to-one communication where one teacher gives full attention to your son or daughter only instead of a whole class. This results into better focus and success.


  • First con is they lack expertise in multiple fields. If you kid is weak in more than one subject that means a private tutor can’t handle him. You need many private tutors for different subjects.
  • Second thing is it is hard to give study environment at home. As your kid is more comfortable at home and will not focus on lessons.

Tuition Centers

Private educational centers are tuition centers that are most likely to be school but differ in class time and student group count. There are only 5-20 students in a class that means a teacher can answer to every student easily in an hour of class. They help your kids academically from pre-school to junior level.


  • Tuition center teachers are more professional as they are the ones that are retired from schools or are teaching at schools for many years. They level of teaching experience is way more than a private tutor. Tuition centers hire them after an interview.
  • Tuition centers help students in solving their problems with planned and structured approach.
  • Tuition centers also offer group studies that can brain storm your children mind.


  • As they give tests and more homework, the children stress level increase. It is necessary to check your children schedule first and if it seems reasonable then go with the tuition centers.Read More About: [pii_email_e7ab94772079efbbcb25]
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