Refond Brings At-Scale Micro-LED Fabrication, Reaches Monumental Mini-LED Technology Milestone

The global market size of LED lighting is expected to increase from $70 million in 2019 to almost $100 million in 2023. Given this, there are new developments, including the introduction of at-scale micro-LED fabrication.

What is Mini-LED Technology?

Mini-LED Technology is a revolutionary new method of producing light. Based on the surface-mount technology used in electronics, Mini-LEDs and micro-LED fabrication are much smaller than conventional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and are more efficient.

Unlike other lighting sources, the latest LED display technology contains no gases or filaments, and so they will last for years without ever burning out. This longevity means that a Mini-LED light will last for up to 40,000 hours of continuous use.

Mini-LEDs can be made in almost any shape or color imaginable, meaning they perfectly fit today’s design trends. Mini-LED fabrication is now commonly used in technology for display solutions and backlight products. These new developments provide greater efficiency and allow for uniform light emission and avoid problems caused by humidity, static electricity, and other environmental factors. 

How Was Mini-LED Technology Developed?

When Mini-LEDs were first introduced, they were very expensive to make and could only be used for niche applications. However, thanks to advances in LED technology, Mini-LEDs are now cheaper to produce, and this has opened up a whole host of new opportunities. This is because micro-LED fabrication offers several crucial benefits compared to traditional light sources, including:

  • Compared to OLED, LCD panels equipped with mini-LED technology offer comparable color display qualities, but with better brightness and reliability. This offers an improved customer experience.
  • The latest LED technology can easily replace OLED TVs and result in reduced costs.

Market Prospects of Mini-LED Technology

Mini-LED fabrication is a revolutionary technology. For instance, mini-COB technology has the potential to withstand extensive external forces, thereby cutting down maintenance costs and subsequent damage.

This will eventually result in groundbreaking developments in the tech market. With this technology right at our fingertips, we can expect market prospects of mini-LED technology to shoot up significantly.

Today, more and more designers are now using Mini-LEDs. Indeed, the fact that Mini-LEDs can come in almost any shape means they are a perfect fit for designers who want to create lighting solutions that are as unique and innovative as possible.

This versatility means that Mini-LEDs have an almost infinite range of applications. 

How Did Refond Introduce At-scale Micro-LED Fabrication?

For 10 years, Refond has been dedicated to developing the next generation of ultra-small LED chips that will be ideal for mini and micro-LED fabrication: tiny lights so sophisticated they can fit inside your finger. Now, they have reached an important milestone in mini-LED technology with micro-LED fabrication.

Refond has made this breakthrough following several years of research and investment. This research enabled Refond to create new, extremely tiny LEDs that maintain the same light quality as regular size LEDs while being much smaller and more energy-efficient than their predecessors.

Refond’s Technical Advantages and Achievements

Compared to other manufacturers, Refond not only has 20 years of packaging experience but also an early intervention in the field of full flip-chip technology. This experience means that Refond can provide a level of quality and service that sets absolute standards in terms of cost, assembly time, and reliability for their clients. 

Furthermore, as they are specialized in ultra-small LEDs, they can provide products that match or even exceed other manufacturers in terms of size and quality. Thus, Refond’s new technology has the potential to revolutionize not just backlight but other fields too.

Let Refond Handle Your Micro-LED Fabrication Needs

Micro-LED fabrication is not just available to niche applications anymore with the introduction of new and innovative technology. In addition, they have been made more efficient thanks to technological advances in LED production, opening up many opportunities for designers. 

If you’re looking for design-focused products that stand out from other brands, then Refond is an ideal partner that can offer unmatched quality at competitive prices. If you visit this site you can know this about technology 

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