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Costa Rica’s Mid-Pacific coast is known as the world’s Billfish capital for world-class shellfish sightings. Every year, thousands of Angler Costa Rica from four corners of the globe catch these beautiful, elegant sea creatures, and their enchanting performances flood the tourists.

Selfish always stays here most of the time from January to July. Every day in Costa Rica, fishers collect 10-20 shellfish by boat. Often 30+ is available. It is not impossible to get 3-8 fish per day. Although not as large or strong as the marlin, shellfish are much more consistent and quickly found. These fish are not as protected as the Pico fish species. Their population is stable, and a large number of sailors still live in Costa Rica. If you catch a shellfish in a conventional attack, it will end very quickly. But it will make you much happier. This kind of fishing is a lot of fun.

The giant shellfish is 10 feet long and weighs up to about 200 pounds. Like strip marlins, shellfish also have the incredible ability to change color during Latin hunting. They use submerged points to distract the signal of their victims and another pilgrim. Occasionally they are seen using “candles” for school meals, including anchovies, sardines, squid, and octopuses. If you are thirsty for sea travel, you will find them a few miles away from most of the coast. After feeding the bait near the surface of the fish, they move closer to the shore, and then the prey’s feed gets stuck.

See Which Charters Target Sailfish in Costa Rica

Shellfish, after being caught on offshore sportfishing charters along the Pacific coast all year. It extends from Golfito in the south to Papagayo in the north. In size, these are always from 80lbs to 150lbs. Some species can be up to 90-125lbs in size. Usually after being caught 12 to 30 miles away. The only Sailfish within a short distance is available to enjoy sportfishing in Costa Rica. Visitors who love sports fishing and come to Costa Rica can enjoy the court with little difficulty. You don’t have to spend extra time traveling instead of fishing here, and you don’t have to take considerable boats to get out in the blue water.

How Sailfish are caught

In Costa Rica, shellfish are trolled in many ways. Teasers and dead bait are usually spread on circle hooks and even trolled in various ways, including live bait around the reef and reed lines. It is just a species of catch and release.

Selfish is caught at the top of the sportfishing calendar in Costa Rica at different times of the year. Golfito, Puerto Jimenez, and Drake Bay in the South Pacific, offshore coast fishing anglers gather south outside the Golf Dolls from mid-November to March. Or a significant number of shellfish, often on the north coast of Drake. They breed inconvenient places at convenient times.

Peak Sailfish seasons

The giant shellfish in Costa Rica appear in early January. And are found as far as the Pacific coast in late April. During this period, the anglers coming out of the Los Suez Marina Jack or Page Vela Mariner Kaipos can also see 50 shellfish together. Sometimes its praise drops to 20 and sometimes more than 50 and can be seen together. Only he can tell that he has seen a different beautiful scene.

Due to this incredible period, the Central Pacific coast is famous among the world’s most prestigious international billfish tournaments. The Triple Crown Signature Series hosted at the Los Suez Marina, and Page Vela have helped boost the reputation of the Offshore World Championships. The number of tournaments is staggering again. In the latest Triple Crown event, nine of the 44 boating fishing boats caught more than 5,000 billfish throughout the day. Almost all were able to release the shellfish successfully.

On any given day, you can catch a Sailfish

Easter comes and goes. Costa Rica sailfish bites move north into the Pacific Guanasset. Tamarindo, Flamingo, and Papagayo move to the Gulf between June and September. Selfish bites aren’t as spectacular, but anglers who come to enjoy Costa Rica sportfishing, especially for shellfish, shouldn’t be disappointed to sail in the North Pacific during this time. At this time, 10-15 shellfish can be seen together. Regardless of what Costa Rican sports fishing destination on the Pacific coast is under consideration, no matter how you fish, there is an excellent chance of hooking, fishing, and releasing a great shellfish on an offshore coastal fishing day.

This time is the ideal time for those who want to do well at Selfish Sporting. And fishing here in Costa Rica will not disappoint anyone. Known for their abundance and abundant activity, they are the fastest fish in the ocean. Reaches the destination at a speed of 68 miles per hour. His ability to jump with this speed creates a jolt of fighting. If you are ready for the fishing adventure of life, then this is the right place for you. Contact us. Our agency will give you all kinds of advice. You can send an email to contact us. Make a call to get the highest offer. Ananda can make the fatigue of dense vacation life, pushing away the feeling of joy. Let’s immerse ourselves in the magic power of Costa Rica today. Fill your life with joy.

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