Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Luxury Car Rental In Dubai.

You may be an expert car renter or a newbie when it comes to renting vehicles. So you might be aware of many facts regarding luxury car rentals according to your experience. However, even after knowing the ins and outs of the car rental industry, you may not be benefiting from it completely. Therefore for making your life easier we are mentioning seven things you didn’t know about luxury car rental in Dubai. Hence you can gain all the benefits you have been missing lately.

1. Special Purpose Gear Option for Luxury Car Rental in Dubai

Hiring a GPS from your car rental agency may be a compulsory choice, especially if you are travelling on a new route. However, are you aware of the fact that many rental companies also offer various types of equipment for rent? That consists of a broad variety of items including baby seats, also stuff geared towards the people with specific needs and exclusive holders for carrying outdoor items. For example, you can install a bicycle rack for the outing activity you have been planning at the safari resort. Nevertheless, not every car rental company provides the same gear for renting. Therefore you can call them in advance and get to know what they are providing.

2. Membership Benefits of Rent a Car with Driver in Dubai

Many companies provide membership benefits. Especially if you are renting cars with drivers. The simplest options are commonly free. The primary perk is that you can make fast bookings every time you hire a vehicle. Moreover, you can also register for the service provider’s mailing list to receive the latest offers.

3. Exclusive Rates and Business Promotions for Luxury Car Rental in Dubai

Most car rental agencies charge lesser prices to several clients. For example, if you have a business that is small to medium in size or if you own a production staff it would be best to enquire if they provide exclusive rates. Moreover, if you are supervising a specific conference or an activity that requires renting plenty of vehicles, you must inquire about the relevant packages as well. Also, government and military employees are qualified for the concessions. Additionally, many companies are suggested to ask about affiliation programs for providing their members with special plans.

4. Miles with Points Program by Luxury Car Rental in Dubai

Some companies have affiliation with airlines and hotels. Therefore, when you travel with them you gain points that you can spend on achieving discounts when buying tickets from airlines and making reservations at the hotels.

5. Insurance Offered by Rent a Car with Driver in Dubai

If you have hired a vehicle previously, you may have to buy the car insurance. Nevertheless, this service may appear easy to purchase, however, it is necessary to find out if you have a prior insurance cover from your car insurance provider. Or you must also check if your credit card company offers this cover. These checks are necessary for avoiding duplication while receiving insurance policy from the car rental service. However, if your policy is not extensive enough then you can ask the vehicle rental company about the insurance services they provide.

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6. Deals and Promotions by Luxury car rental in Dubai

Many companies offer deals to regular clients that may consist of free promotions for newly introduced premium vehicle rental programs. Now after reading about the promotional offers and programs you might be thinking which car rental companies are well-known for providing them. Many car rental companies are providing the latest offers in Dubai, but RentMyRide is leading most of them. It is known for its promotional offers and deals.

7. You will Need to Pay more for Extra Drivers at Luxury Car Rental in Dubai

If you want to add an extra person to the list of people allowed for driving your rental vehicle, you might have to pay an extra fee for the additional drivers. Since it is the requirement of the law that the person who is driving the car should be registered with the car rental company so whenever the authorities ask them to show the documents everything can be verified. Or to avoid all this you can rent a car with driver in Dubai.

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