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Steam cleaner for your home. What are the benefits?

A steam cleaner is a convenient and effective tool for cleaning your home. It works on the basis of steam, which is released from water and removes dirt and bacteria from surfaces. In the steam cleaner’s compact boiler, water is heated, evaporates, and comes out through a short nozzle or a long, flexible hose as steam. When it reaches the surface to be cleaned, it smoothes cloth, softens dirt and kills bacteria. You can use the steam cleaner to clean floors, furniture, carpets, fabrics and even your bathroom and kitchen.


One of the main advantages of steam cleaners is that they are environmentally friendly. No harmful chemicals that can negatively affect the health of people and animals are emitted when using steam. In addition, steamer for cleaning allow you to reduce the amount of detergents used, which also has a positive impact on the environment.


Another advantage of steam cleaners is their versatility. They can be used to clean different surfaces as well as to remove different types of dirt. For example, a steam cleaner can effectively remove grease stains on kitchen furniture or coffee stains on carpet. The device does not leave scratches, streaks on smooth enameled surfaces. The equipment perfectly copes with dirt between tile joints.

In addition, the steam cleaner allows you to reduce the time spent on cleaning. Thanks to the high steam temperature, which can reach 120 degrees Celsius, dirt and bacteria are removed quickly and efficiently. The steam cleaner can also be used without water, which speeds up the cleaning process. You can get rid of stale grease stains with a steam cleaner. In some cases, it is acceptable to use special liquids, which disinfect the surface, clean it of mold and prevent the appearance of fungus.

Finally, a steam cleaner is a cost-effective solution. It does not require the cost of buying detergents and reduces energy and water costs. In addition, a steam cleaner has a long lifespan and does not require frequent parts replacement.

Steam cleaners should not be used to clean parquet and laminate floors. The steam will deform the coating. Silicone coatings should not be cleaned this way either. It will take too long to remove heavy lime deposits. We recommend pretreating the surface with a vinegar solution before steam cleaning.

What are the conclusions?

In conclusion, a steam cleaner is a convenient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective tool for cleaning your home. It allows you to reduce the time it takes to clean and remove different types of dirt from different surfaces. If you want to make cleaning your home more efficient and enjoyable, consider a steam cleaner.

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