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With Swedish gambling popularity, the casino industry is growing exponentially. Demand in an industry creates the potential for rampant fraud. Despite the abundance of legitimate real-time establishments and online sites in the Swedish market, fraudulent sites can nearly equate.

For these reasons, the Swedish government found a need to create a law to increase protections for the citizens and possibly reduce the number of people participating in the activity. 

The law includes requiring all organizers to have a license to run their operation, plus citizens can register to have exclusion from gaming for a set period (spelpaus – check out But can people play without all of these rules? It would require gambling in an unlicensed establishment.

Gambling Against The Rules In Sweden

Swedes can gamble as often as they like with an unlicensed gaming site, but it’s essential to realize these hosts are from another country operating technically outside the Swedish laws. Some casino sites choose not to obtain a license because the fees can be expensive, plus the government imposes a substantial tax revenue on casinos.

The primary reason most choose to avoid the licensure is to avoid compliance with the regulations placed on players, ultimately limiting the casino from making money and the consumers from having a good time. It can also be challenging to get a license in Sweden.

Steps For Getting A Gambling License In Sweden

The Swedish government is trying to gain some sense of control over gambling in the country by instituting laws developed in 2019 that mean to protect players. The rules require operators to have a license and allow citizens to register for exclusion from the activity for a set time if they choose. 

Getting a license can prove a bit tricky when applying with the authority because not only do you need to meet specific guidelines, you need to comply with certain rules in order to obtain the permit. Some of the highlights include:

  • Credit: A user shouldn’t play with credit due to the promotion of addictive gambler behavior.
  • Advertising: Marketing promotions or special features is discouraged, and only one bonus is allowed for each person because it could create a desire to play more.
  • Game Play: A client needs to have access to the play history and games completed.
  • Responsibility Online sites need to promote responsible play throughout each experience in order to deter excess. There should be nothing on the site that encourages prolonged sessions.
  • Exclusion: Through the national system, a person can suspend activity with a casino and be unable to return until that period ends.
  • BankID: A player must have verification with the BankID system before withdrawals are possible.
  • Limitations: Users will set a deposit limit and an amount they feel they can afford to lose. Once the loss amount hits, the person can’t game again until the period ends.
  • Promoting: Marketing has limits.
  • Language: The websites and customer support teams should speak Swedish.
  • Addiction: Each website needs to make a test available to distinguish if a gambler currently has an existing problem with the activity.

Not only does this discourage a person from wanting to participate with those sites getting a license based on these stipulations, but the sites are not happy about having to enforce these rules with the clients. 

Many of these ruin the experience for everyone involved. But that is the government’s goal who wants to gain control over the industry and reduce the playing population. It’s also the reason people turn to unlicensed casinos (casino utanspelpauslicens). Click to learn how people enjoy casino games in this country.

Casino UtanSpelpausLicens – Why Swedes Are Turning To Casinos That Don’t Have Licenses

With the many requirements associated with getting a Swedish license to operate a gaming website, some sites choose to bypass the permit so that gamers don’t have so many restrictions. Some of the benefits that come with playing outside the rules include:

  • Spins: Under the rules, between spins, there needs to be a three-second wait before you can go again. That is not a requirement with an unlicensed casino. You can spin as frequently as you choose. It makes the experience much more enjoyable with no fear of repercussions for getting caught up in the game.
  • Features: The promotions and bonuses aren’t limited as they would be when following the stringent regulations.
  • Verification: It’s not necessary to confirm your account before withdrawing funds with BankID.
  • Limitations: You can gamble as often as you like with no suspension or exclusions preventing you from doing so.

While these are advantageous compared to the many restrictions placed on those attempting to get a license and the players trying to play with a legitimate site, there can also be disadvantages to engaging with an unlicensed establishment. It is more difficult to know which websites are safe and which might not be so much because the government is not standing by its reputation. That doesn’t mean that you would be held responsible for participating in activities there, but you also might not benefit if they’re shady – which is not typical. 

You’ll find many safe and reputable online brands readily available to anyone who has an internet connection allowing gambling to thrive in Sweden. The government is doing what it can to garner control over the activities. 

Still, people are wise to the fact that they have the right to play and bet with a site that has no license the same as previously with the same benefits they were accustomed to.

Final Thought

Governments can be stringent with their citizens, and in some cases, it makes those countries much more regimented and safe, but in other instances, people merely find ways around the rules so that they can do what it is they’re being denied. 

You can continue to take a thing away from a person in a multitude of different ways for their own good, but if they genuinely want it, they’ll find a way to get it and in a manner that suits them. In many situations, that’s sad, but it is true.

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