Things To Know About Taya Langley

Born on the 22nd of November 1997 into an African American family, Taya popularly known as Tay is the second child in a family of three. Little was ever told about their dad as, Mrs. Aleese, singly raised Tay and her brother Daquan white.

According to several accounts, it was not quite a cakewalk for Mrs. Aleese. She earns average income, and did all she could to ensure her children excel in all aspects of their endeavors. Daquan white being the firstborn took it upon himself to fend for his sister as soon as he could earn a meager income from odd jobs. He looked after her while their mom was out for money.

For her efforts, Mrs. Langley was recognized by her home church Peaceful Holiness Church multiple times for her hard work at the church and college.

In Alabama where she was born and raised, Taya was a known genius. Every one of her mates trailed her records in sports, human relations and academic performances. She also grew as an excited child. Calm and charming with an infectious smile.

At Shaw High School, Columbus, in Georgia where she attended for High School Education, Taya Langley bagged several honors. She was a regular at the top of the class, with an inexplicable desire to set and break records. Historically, this was no accident. Her mother was a serial class topper. Taya graduated with the class of 2016 before they moved to Atlanta.

It wasn’t an easy time for Tay she had to leave behind her friends and mates when the family decide to move from Alabama down to Atlanta Georgia in the fall of 2016. The new city presented Taya Langley a new life challenge of financial constraints, and she needed to keep odd jobs to save for her school projects. She worked as a sales associate at Victoria’s Secret while attending college in Atlanta Ga Gwinnett Technical College, where she studied radiology. After she took the job in the Gwinnett Mall she have to keep a balance between education, relationship, and work. She remains positive in her pursue of certification in Radiology from the Gwinnett technical college right in Atlanta.

Right in the mid of 2017, the man of her dream returns. Mr. Reginald Langley, whom she met on July 19, 2015, had to leave for the United States Army in the summer and they had to maintain a long-distance relationship for two years. In the year 2017, he returned from the Army and that birthed the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

At that time, Mr. Langley had recently been stationed at Fort Rucker, Alabama, implying that his wife, Taya had to relocate to Alabama with him. Upon moving back to Alabama, where she was raised Mr. Langley and TAYA tied the knot in 2019 and moved back to Columbus Georgia where her efforts paid off and she was honored with the certification in RADIOLOGY and STERILIZATION at once, double honors from COLUMBUS TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY in the year 2020.

Of every inspiring things you’ve learnt from the life of Mrs. Taya Langley, did you know she is also a founder of a company called Top Tier X Tayalese? While, everyone went camping and hiking on holidays, Taya challenged herself. She started to create her beauty brand named “Top Tier X Tayalese.” A brand that brings light to beauty, Fashion, and entertainment for all and sundry across the United States.

Top Tier X Tayalese is into a rare aspect of beauty; how to grow, clean, and keep natural hair. Her flawless beauty encourages her to value natural hair and she wants for all that which she wishes for herself. Taya started her brand Top Tier X Tayalese in 2019. Ever since, the firm is saddled with the need to add value and help everyone make the best of their natural hair.

With a resolution to relaunch the brand in 2022, her husband who has been teaching people how to grow, clean, and keep natural healthy hair on YouTube via his YouTube channel @ReggieUncut will be her brand ambassador. Like everyone is excited about this brand and as well be showing their support, you may want to check out the company’s official website.

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