The Cost of Receiving Shoutouts From Your Favourite Celebrities

Shoutouts are customized short video messages from artists that are created and sent according to your specifications. The idea of paying for a celebrity shoutout isn’t exactly new.

Services that allow consumers to pay for messages from their favorite celebrities and cult-favorite pop culture icons have been around almost as long as the internet itself. However, today these are turning into more of a marketing strategy.

Celebrity shoutout videos are a promotional strategy that brands can use to increase the sale of their products. It happens when a well-known celebrity mentions your company and items. The person offering the shoutout may incentivize followers to take specific activities, such as encouraging them to follow your account. When done correctly, celebrity shoutouts can instantly increase a brand’s sales.

What Determines The Price Of A Shoutout?

It’s vital to remember that the price of a shoutout is determined mainly by how clever and persuasive the person who gave it is. The amount a celebrity charges for a shoutout is primarily defined by their engagement rate. The greater the number of followers on their account, the greater will be the chance of reaching a larger audience.

The brand industry can also have an impact on how much an influencer charges for a shoutout. The perceived benefit of the shoutout will determine the amount charged to your account. When compared to a skincare product, a shoutout for an automobile brand will be more expensive.

Influencers with a large following typically charge by the hour. If the shoutout lasts for an extended period, you’re more likely to obtain discounts. In addition, a shoutout that simply mentions your account will be less expensive than one that includes a link to your website or store.

How Much Do Shoutout Platforms Charge?

There are websites that specialize in offering personalized celebrity shoutouts. They will provide you with online forms to fill out so that you can have a celebrity film an incredible shoutout video for your company or brand. These platforms also include filtering options for celebrities depending on their popularity, allowing you to pick the ones that will have the most significant beneficial impact on your company.

One of the features that these platforms typically provide is the estimated engagement of registered celebrities. It allows anyone reserving their service to evaluate how much the shoutout will benefit their brand or business right away. Prices on these platforms are not set in stone because each star sets its own pricing. As a result, brands that are interested in their service can select the most acceptable option for their account.

The prices can vary from one celebrity to another. For example, a 30-second shoutout from Snoop Dogg will cost you around $750. In a similar vein of hip-hop royalty, NWA great Ice Cube’s shoutout costs about $500, while many notable athletes and social media figures will do videos for under $100. Hence, depending on the celebrity, fees might range from anywhere between $30 to $2,500.


Regardless of the size of your company, celebrity shoutout videos can be a great addition to your marketing efforts. However, having a clear picture of your goals and target audience is crucial before making a purchase. Finally, no matter what partnerships you pursue, it’s critical that you maintain your brand integrity. If you follow these fundamentals in mind, you’ll be able to attract people who are just as enthusiastic about your brand as you are.

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