The Reason Why Everyone is obsessing about Live Sports Streaming

Online live sports streaming seems to take over the globe. Don’t believe it? Here are some stats; in 2021, around 57.7 million people watched live sports on television in the United States. Moreover, the number is projected to increase to 90 million by 2025. 

As we progress with technological advances, more and more consumers ditch traditional media and invest in live sports streaming services like Crackstreams

The growing number of viewers for live sports streaming doesn’t come short of a shock. Therefore, we decided to unveil the reasons why this live sports fever is becoming unstoppable. 

5 Reasons Why Everyone is obsessing about Live Sports Streaming

While there could be more reasons for this, we have listed the essential ones keeping everybody obsessed with the live streaming of sports. 

  • Watch Live Sporting Events for Free

The fact that you can watch sports live without requiring to buy a hefty ticket is one of the major reasons why everyone prefers watching sports live on TV. Just imagine paying around $1,600 for FIFA final 2022 while you can watch it from the comfort of your home free of charge. Indeed, live sports streaming is your friend in disguise that’s keeping you on budget while making no compromises on entertainment. 

  • Watch Live Sports Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you are at work, family trip, or celebrating a holiday far away from home, if you have a stable internet connection, nobody on earth can stop you from watching your favorite player kick off the game. The fact that online live streaming provides more convenience is what keeps sports lovers drawn to it. 

  • Game Highlights and Replays at any Time

Personally, what we love the most about these live sports streaming services is the convenience of watching games’ highlights and replays anytime. For instance, if you have missed the match’s turning point due to a work call or something, you can play it later at night. Earlier, there was no such thing as recording a match and watching it sometime later. However, now you can watch sports without cable anytime. 

  • Value for Money

Traditional TV bundles cost you a fortune these days. Also, you will need to decide on a package that broadcasts your favorite games, and even with that, you have to drop on another league to stay within a budget. 

On the other hand, if you get live sports streaming services like Crackstreams, you will barely have to pay a penny to watch their content. That said, some other services like Amazon Firestick may cost you some bucks, so be prepared for that. Also, you can try free apps that broadcast live streaming. It will save you from beefy TV bundles. 

  • Better Audio and Video Quality

The last shoutout we would like to give to the better sound and video quality provided by live streaming. Had you been in a stadium, is it possible to clearly hear every sound playing in the stadium and see clear faces of all the players? At lower prices than the stadium’s ticket, you will get better quality and an overall better experience with live sport streaming. 

What is Crackstreams?

It will be quite surprising if you love sports and haven’t come across Crackstreams lately – it is a free online live sports streaming platform where you can watch your favorite players playing with good sound and video quality. 

Streams on Crackstreams

Basically, what this platform does is that it compiles live streaming links for all the popular games and the latest sporting events and lists them on its website. 

While you may not find some sports like soccer or hockey, there are other popular leagues and tournaments for combat sports. The available streams on Crackstreams include:

  • American Football (NDF & XFL)
  • WWE
  • Basketball
  • Boxing

Note: The availability of streams depends on the current in-season and in-demand games.

How to Watch Sports on Crackstreams?

Head to the Crackstreams website and look for links at the top and bottom of the page. These links indicate each category of live streams. 

In order to access your desired stream, click on the link at the bottom of the page and choose what you like to watch. 

While for combat sports, you will have to watch what is available on the website, you can schedule sports of your choice. 

Note: The live sports links are unavailable until one day before the match. So don’t panic if you don’t find the link two days before the match. 


Apart from all those benefits we have listed above, live sports streaming brings abundant opportunities for everyone – it gathers and enables people from all over the world to support their favorite players. On the other hand, streaming services can earn from it. So it’s a win-win!

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