The Top 10 Myths About Poker You Should Know

When you have been around poker game for as long as we have, certainly you have heard every theory, rumor, and falsehood about the poker game. Poker is indeed full of myths, and here are some of the big ones that you should know.

1. Poker Is Illegal.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the U.S. government recognizes poker as a game of skill. Yes, there might be jurisdictions where playing poker for money is illegal, but there is nothing at all illegal about playing poker with friends, or even playing poker for a living.

2. It Takes Several Years To Learn Poker Game

It is not true, at least not anymore. Today, thanks to people like professional poker player, Doyle Brunson, who wrote Super System, it is easier than ever to learn how to play poker at a competitive level. There are also numerous books, software, DVDs, and other teaching tools available for learning about the poker game. There are also available 99poker guides on online websites which are free to access.

Thus you can easily learn this game anytime and anywhere with a fast time, so the myth that to master the poker game in a long time has become irrelevant in the poker.

3. Poker Is All About Bluffing.

No, it is not true. In fact, that’s one of the big mistake novice poker players make when they start out in poker game. Professionals poker player win by getting full value for their strong hands, while minimizing their losses on losing hands in the game. Bluffing is a tool that should be used sporadically, making it that much more effective.

So it is not always in poker games, bluffing action is done continuously, but this is one of the arsenal weapons in poker games

4. It Is a Man Game.

Hardly. We are seeing more and more women amateur players and professional player alike-playing these days. One of the world’s best players, Jennifer Harman, is a regular winner in the world’s biggest cash game against the likes of poker professionals Chip Reese and Phil Ivey.

Thus myths say that poker games are games only for man can be broken.

5. Online Poker Is Rigged.

Some people have a tendency to blame anyone but themselves. Before the arrival of online poker, complainers blamed the casino dealer for their bad luck. Online poker has become the new victim of abuse from players who would rather blame their computer than their lack of poker skills. So it is also not true about this particular opinion.

Learn some online poker tricks here Idn poker terbaik and you can play wherever you are.

6. Poker Is Gambling and You Have To Gamble To Make It Fun.

Too often, poker and gambling are considered to be synonymous. Yes, poker is a game and, yes, you can gamble at it. But you can also gamble on Monopoly, Hop Scotch, or even the flip of a coin. I know, because I have made wagers on all of the above! So poker is not always connected to gambling.

7. No-Limit Poker Hold’Em Is the Most Skillful Form of Poker.

There is actually a form of poker that requires even more skill: pot-limit hold em. This game gives solid players a bigger advantage because it takes away the beginner’s deadly all-in weapon. It also forces more sophisticated post-flop play.

If pot-limit hold’em were the game played at the World Championships, you would see less and less Cinderella stories at the final table.

8. The Game Is All Luck.

People still believe this nonsense myth. This misconception comes from people who do not understand poker or have not figured out how to win at it.

There are thousands of skilled professional poker players in the world, which distinguishes poker from other forms of casino gambling, like craps, keno, and Let it Ride. I assure you, there are no professional Let it Ride players.

9. You Can’t Beat Low Limit Games.

I have met several people who feel they can’t win at low limit tables because too many players see the flop and then stick around until the river. While a game like this will certainly increase your stack fluctuation, and might make you feel like you are less in control, there is not a more profitable game in the house.

If you are losing in lower limit poker games, playing higher poker limits is not the answer. So remember it.

10. You Need A Poker Face.

This one’s probably the longest standing myth on the list in poker game. People commonly believe that you need a poker face to win the poker game. Well, watch me play on television and you will see that I do not have a poker face at all. I am generally joking around and making all kinds of goofy faces.

Having known these myths, now you can go to further advance your skill in this site Idn poker

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