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Tips for Successful Dashboard Design

We use various types of dashboards to show more effectively important data for people in a very simple and understandable way. Nowadays, we can see dashboards on the web and in many mobile applications, including business advice and photo-sharing software. If you are searching for effective tips on analytics dashboard design, our article will be helpful. We will tell you all the secrets of making a wonderful dashboard design without wasting your time!

Why Do We Need Dashboards?

To say simply, any dashboard shows important data, for example, various controls and possible functions for users. Of course, any dashboard should contain only relevant data. This works just as a vehicle dashboard that is required to inform the driver about the most relevant data. For example, the vehicle dashboard shows its speed, consumed fuel, and any data about some broken parts. Information about upcoming events, news, or entertainment isn’t relevant for this type of dashboard.

The Dashboard’s Significant Components

Depending on goals, designs can be quite various. But you should remember that all types of dashboards consist of various cards. Every card includes data, notifications, links, graphs, and tables. You have to use the right types of cards for every component of the future dashboard to make it correctly.

The Main Types of the Dashboard Design

In general, there are 3 main types of designs:

  • Operational – these designs are created to inform people about what is happening now.
  • Analytical – these projects provide people with clear information about performance and any possible problems.
  • Strategic – with these dashboards, people can track goals with KPIs.

Making a Successful Dashboard Easily

Follow the steps below to make a dashboard to suit your needs:

  1. Think about what people will get from the dashboard. You have to know the audience because the first question you will have to answer is: What will users get from the project? You can think of up to 5 ideas people would like to get from the dashboard. Remember that if you put too much data into your project, it will not be effective because people won’t get any useful information from it easily.
  2. Think about data visualization. Consider which type of data is important for people and what information they are focused on. You have to choose a simple and well-understandable design for the future project. Make sure users won’t miss anything important from the dashboard.
  3. Select a clear design for the project. You have to present your data in an easy way to give people all the needed information, including numbers, facts, and other parameters you may display there. When you’re selecting the right design for the project, think about how to save the user’s time: people should spend less time discovering your dashboard and receive all the needed information from it.
  4. Hierarchy all information when you’re planning the future design. You should put the data correctly and structure it well to let users understand a dashboard and get maximum information from it. Make sure you have put all the elements correctly to create a logic chain.
  5. Different views will help people to see more. Any dashboard can be viewed differently, and it’s a good idea to make it switchable between various parameters and access various data for the needed parameter. This keeps the whole project more simple and well-structured because if you try to show all the data on one screen, it won’t be understandable for your users.
  6. Use many colors and well-understandable design language. Even if your dashboard contains a lot of things, feel free to use various colors to make it simpler and more clear for users. This will help people to see the data clearly and understand the importance of your project without wasting a lot of time.
  7. Keep everything simple. Of course, you should publish only relevant data in the dashboard to keep it simple and clear. If it is required, you can add more complex information and options.


Needless to say, creating a good dashboard design can be a challenge, but we hope our useful tips were effective to make this task more simple for you!

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