Trac Kim Hoa New88 – The Hottest Rewards Card Game Today

Trac Kim Hoa New889.blue is a game that cannot be ignored when select at game portal. In addition to giving players comfortable moments of relaxation, it also helps you earn a small amount of money. So is it difficult to play Trac Kim Hoa? Is it easy to win when playing this game? These questions will be answered when you first learn about this gameNew88 Answer immediately below.

How is Trac Kim Hoa New88 defined?

Just by hearing the keyword Trac Kim Hoa, players can easily recognize its origin. This game comes from the capital of the big players in the select industry, which is China. It has become an indispensable entertainment game in the daily lives of Chinese people. Especially during major holidays, this game becomes even more popular. This game brings a bustling and joyful playing atmosphere, so it is loved by many people.

The game was also introduced to Vietnam about 10 years ago. Anywhere on the S-shaped strip of land, you will encounter this game. With professional game portal, Trac Kim Hoa will be the game chosen by many gamers. This game has a simple form of play so it is often the number 1 choice for you to increase your chances of making money.

Today, in the age of strongly developing digital technology, you can not only play games directly but also on devices with an internet connection. This brings many conveniences to players as they can play at any time and any place.

Detailed instructions on how to play and the rules of Trac Kim Hoa New88

In general, this subject has very simple and easy-to-understand gameplay and rules. You just need to grasp some of the information below to start playing.

Understand how to play Trac Kim Hoa

Trac Kim Hoa New88 is a card game genre that uses a deck of 52 cards. In this deck, the Joker card will be removed. In this subject, the number of players in a table will not be limited. At the beginning of the game, each person will be dealt 3 cards. Players must make predictions and place bets on the door they think will win.

Each select table will have 7 different select areas including: Dragon, Phoenix, Dong Hoa, Leopard, Dong Hoa Thuan, Double 9. Once the select is done, the dealer will turn over each side’s cards and Decide winning or losing.

Rules while playing

Players need to master some rules when playing Trac Kim Hoa New88 as follows:

  • If both sides have storm and storm killer decks, the person with the storm killer wins.
  • Storm assassin is considered the smallest in the table when it does not appear and the deck has storm.
  • In case both cards have the same pair, the higher pair wins.
  • When both hands are high, the pot or odd card will compare the score of the highest card. If the highest card is equal compared to the 2nd card…
  • If both hands are straight or flush, the largest card in the sequence will be compared.

Winning in this card game does not depend on the cards but depends on the number of points. So if players have equal scores, they will not be compared further because it does not consider quality.

Symbols specified in the game

Similar to other games, Trac Kim Hoa New88 also has the following special symbols:

  • Killer Storm: In the set of 52 cards, there will be three cards with values ​​of 2,3,5 and not of the same suit.
  • Storm is a hand of cards consisting of three cards of the same point value.
  • The box has three cards of the same suit.
  • Straight is determined when the hand is drawn with three consecutive cards.
  • The straight flush has a stack of three consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • A pair consists of three cards, including two cards with the same value.
  • A hand that has three cards that cannot form any of the above symbols is called an odd hand.

Instructions for accessing Trac Kim Hoa New88

When playing this game, players need to know how to participate in the game. Please follow these steps to make the playing process smoother.

How to play Trac Kim Hoa on lap top

  • Access the link provided by game portal New88.
  • At the main interface, the player clicks on the card game Trac Kim Hoa New88, the system will lead you to the game room and you choose a suitable table.
  • Once the player has chosen the appropriate table, they can bet money on the bet they want.
  • Players will have 15 seconds to place bets. When the 15 seconds end, the dealer will check each person’s cards and compare to give the final result.
  • Whoever’s card is higher wins.

How to play Trac Kim Hoa on the phone

In addition to playing on the computer, players can also play right on their phone devices. To play on your phone, follow these instructions:

  • Go to CH Play and search for the New88 game portal’s app then download it to your device.
  • At the main screen of the game, select “online game portal” and press the bet amount in box number 1,2.
  • When the system displays the game interface, click on “other items” and find the game “Trac Kim Hoa New88” to start your game.

How to calculate points in the card game Trac Kim Hoa New88

In this game, points will be calculated based on the following order from largest to smallest: Leopard Assassin> Storm> Straight Jacket> Straight> Pair> Odd cards. In case both sides have the same hand of cards, the highest card in the hand will be compared.

Regulations on game winning rates in Trac Kim Hoa New88

At each house, the payout ratio in this game is different. But to attract more people to play, New88 always has the best payout for players. As follows:

  • When you bet 1, you will win 98 in the dragon and phoenix bet.
  • If you bet on the storm and the storm wins, you will receive a ratio of 1 to 150
  • With the straight flush box you win, you bet 1 to win 120
  • The odds of 1 to 2 are when you bet on a pair of 9s.

Tips for playing Trac Kim Hoa New88 bring high efficiency

In addition to learning about the history of the game, the reputation of the game provider, and the benefits of playing, choosing the right playing method is also quite important. This greatly affects the player’s prediction

Steady mentality throughout the playing process

In all select sports, psychology is considered a prerequisite when playing. You must maintain a calm mind to make accurate predictions. Once you are mentally unstable, stop and don’t try as you will easily get lost.

Observe carefully how the people around you play

If you are a new player in this game, you need to pay attention to the way of playing and the playing style of those around you. Learn from the experiences of previous players to summarize your own unique ways of playing.


From sharing about the gameTrac Kim Hoa New88 Above, we hope you have fun moments when playing at New88. And if you want to make a lot of money from this game, please update it with more useful information.

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