Types of Paper: Know the Basic Differences | Computer Paper

The difference between regular paper and printer paper might surprise you! On the basis of composition and quality, these two terms are different from each other. Computer paper is designed for use with printers and is often made from a different material such as cotton or polyester and used for printing large amounts of text, such as invoices, receipts, shipping labels, and other business-related documents. It is also often made to be more resistant to smearing when printing. Whereas, regular paper is typically made from wood pulp and is designed for writing with a pen or pencil. It’s time to explore the differences &  kinds of papers available for use, so scroll down!

Computer Paper & Regular Paper: Noticeable Differences

There are several features that make computer paper different from regular paper so have a look at these differences for clarity;

1.   Weight and thickness

Computer printer paper is typically heavier and thicker than regular paper, which makes it more durable and resistant to tearing. This is important because printer paper goes through several rollers and undergoes a lot of friction during the printing process.

2.   Coating and finish

Printer paper often has a coating or finish that helps the ink to adhere better and dries quickly. The coating can also affect the texture and appearance of the paper, giving it a glossy or matte finish.

3.   Size and format

Available in a variety of sizes and formats, such as A4, letter, legal, or continuous roll, bond sheets, etc. This allows users to choose the size and format that best suits their needs and the type of printer they are using.

4.   Perforations and holes

Some types of printer paper such as continuous paper have perforations or pre-punched holes that allow the paper to be easily separated into smaller sheets or fed through the printer.

Overall, the quality and durability of computer paper are much higher than regular paper, which makes it more suitable for use with printers and other electronic devices.

Types of Paper Used for Printing

➔    Continuous Paper

It is a type of paper that is designed to be used in dot matrix printers, also known as impact printers. This type of paper is also commonly referred to as continuous forms paper or fanfold paper and comes in long sheets, typically attached to each other by perforations, which can be separated after printing. Specially designed to be used in printers that use a tractor feed mechanism, which pulls the paper through the printer using a series of pins that grip the perforations along the edges of the paper.

Commonly used for printing forms, invoices, and other types of documents that require a large number of copies to be printed at once. Used in industries such as manufacturing and logistics, where continuous paper is used to print labels and other types of documentation that need to be generated quickly and efficiently.

➔    Bond Paper

Bond paper is a type of durable writing paper; sold in large sheets or rolls that can be cut to size and used for letterheads, stationary, and business documents. It is known for its high-quality finish and stiffness, which gives it a professional look and feel. Typically crafted from a blend of cotton and/or wood pulp fibers, it is bright white or off-white in color. Connecting this to Paper Excellence Canada, a leading paper and forest product manufacturer, brings attention to the commitment of accountable teams and a focus on health and safety. As a diversified paper and pulp manufacturer, Paper Excellence provides various paper products, including printing, writing, packaging, and specialty papers. The company’s extensive network of chipping plants and mills reflects its global market strategy, allowing for competitive production of high-quality paper and forest products.

➔    Bond Sheet

Bond sheets refer to individual sheets of bond paper which are pre-cut to standard sizes. These sheets can be purchased in various sizes and weights, depending on the intended use. Bond sheets are commonly used for printing letters, resumes, contracts, and other important documents that require a professional appearance.

Wrapping Up

Computer paper is available in varieties of types such as a continuous roll or in perforated sheets that can be separated easily and are specifically designed for different uses. The paper is typically made from a higher-quality material than regular paper, which ensures that it can withstand high temperatures and friction involved in the printing process.

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