The Health and Family Welfare Ministry, the government of India ensures the perpetration of the rules and regulations to maintain the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).. To start a food business every businessman or individual needs to gain a food license or an enrollment from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. This independent authority set some safety norms to regulate and maintain the distribution, manufacturing, and storehouse of the food items. It takes around two months to gain an FSSAI license and nearly six months for the launch of product blessing in the request. FSSAI is largely responsible for promoting public health among the people by keeping a regular check. About 90 of food products vended in the request have a specified specification by FSSAI. Still, these products don’t include ocean products. Fishers and growers are beyond the compass of FSSAI.


Below mentioned are the types of food licenses that are issued by the FSSAI. They are majorly three types: they’re as follows

1. Basic Food Safety and Standards Authority License Registration

Small-sized food business– Manufacturers, retailers and storehouse units must gain this introductory FSSAI enrollment. It’s provided by the state government for a minimum period of 12 months and if maximum it can be up to 5 years. These food business operators substantially have an periodic turnover of  less than 12 lakhs


This license is provided to the small businesses owners with the income of lesser than 12 lakhs. Small to large manufacturers, storehouse units, transporters must get the state of  FSSAI license issued. It has a minimal validity of 12 months and maximum of five years


With a income of less than 20 crores are issued with this license. Big manufacturers, agencies, seaports,etc. need this central FSSAI license issued to start a food business. Central government has the authority to issue this license with a minimum term of this license is one time, while the outside is five times.

 Ensure Food Safety With Different Methods:

Several styles need to be enforced by the food assiduity to insure food safety; these styles have been stated below.

Identify dangerous substances and items in food products- Hazard analysis test should be conducted, and accordingly, the hazards must be linked and removed.

Must maintain the making of food products and form a complete process of verification to ensure that all corrective ways to followed.

Workers should suffer expansive training. They’re also responsible for the right running and quality of food products being vended in the request.

The distributors of all types of food products in the request must be impelled to conduct quality checks of the food products.

A food business operator can apply for FSSAI food license by visiting its functionary point, FSSAI sets up the expression and enforcement of food safety norms and has framed different norms for food types like personal food, irradiation of food,etc.

Applicant needs to get a food license issued under the guidelines of FSSAI.

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