VSI Study Plan to Cover the CA Intermediate Syllabus in 7 Months

After registering for the CA Intermediate course, ICAI gives students a study period of 8 months. In this period, students have to cover the complete CA Intermediate syllabus. Students can choose to appear in one or both groups, depending on their preparation.

Intermediate is the second stage of the CA course, and it is presumed that the student has a good understanding of the fundamentals. To cover a huge CA Inter syllabus 2022 along with revisions, you need to follow the perfect study plan. So, why not choose from the very best. VSI Jaipur offers the best CA Intermediate classes in India. Moreover, their students have the record of ever-highest marks in IPCC and Intermediate.

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So, here is the 7 Month Study plan by VSI Jaipur Institute to cover the entire CA Intermediate syllabus and ace the exams. Read till the end to avoid missing some of the essential tips.

VSI 7 Month Study Plan To Cover CA Intermediate Syllabus 2022

To complete the CA Inter syllabus, the VSI study plan is divided into three sections. The study plan responds to three fundamental and essential questions for students preparing for the CA intermediate exams in 2021.

  • What should you study?
  • What is the best way to study?
  • When should you study?

If you adhere to this study plan with complete sincerity and dedication, you will undoubtedly pass the CA intermediate level in a single attempt with good scores.

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You will have seven months to prepare for your examinations. Students must set a monthly goal for themselves and be ready to complete the whole CA intermediate syllabus 2022.

Video Link – Clear CA Intermediate May 2022 in First Attempt | 7 Months Study Plan

CA Intermediate Study Plan for the First Month

Make notes and gain a better understanding of the CA Intermediate subjects. Attempt to cover the theory part of the chapter within the first month of preparatory work.

CA Intermediate Study Plan for the Second Month

Continue to work on the theoretical aspects of the subjects and try to grasp the fundamental concepts so that your future studies will be more accessible. Because the CA Intermediate new syllabus is so extensive, you must study regularly.

CA Intermediate Study Plan for the Third Month

So, now is the time to focus more on practicing practical problems. With only five months until exams, you must complete the course promptly through regular study. Practical subjects are comparatively easier to score given that you have practiced well.

CA Intermediate Study Plan for the 4th Month

If you have any doubts, seek assistance from your teachers or seniors. Moreover, it is at this point that you should have a firm grasp on the topic and be entirely focused on a practical aspect of the ICAI Intermediate syllabus.

CA Intermediate Study Plan for the 5th Month

In the 5th month of your preparation, focus entirely on the intermediate subjects  at which you excel, working to resolve any issues that may arise concerning that topic or question. Additionally, you can ask for advice from your instructors or seniors once more.

CA Intermediate Study Plan for the 6th Month

Finally, you’ve arrived for the final two months of your exams. Your exams are reaching, so don’t panic if you haven’t completed the CA Intermediate syllabus yet. Moreover, if you stick to your study plan, you’ll be able to evaluate and study the remaining topics with ease.

CA Intermediate Study Plan for the 7th Month

During this period, don’t be anxious or overconfident. It’s essential to maintain your body and mind calm. You will be well competent and ready about your potential if you follow a fixed and constant study plan during this moment.

How to Study For CA Intermediate Exams?

Apart from the 7-Month plan for the CA Intermediate exam, you must follow some other study tips to help you prepare.

  • Once you’ve completed the CA Intermediate syllabus, don’t waste any time and start the revisions. Set your schedule appropriately, as you must revise the entire curriculum at least three times. If you believe you can pass the CA Inter level without revising, you should reconsider, as revision is crucial.
  • Mock test papers are similar to exams, and they can help you figure out what you should and shouldn’t do in your final exams. Don’t forget to solve mock tests. This way, you’ll be aware of your strengths and weak points and can work to improve them. Also, it will aid you in time management, writing pace, and how you will approach various questions.
  • Students must download the CA Intermediate syllabus PDF from the ICAI official website. All the students are advised to follow only the icai intermediate syllabus.
  • Don’t eliminate the thought of taking the help of some professionals or a CA Institute since the CA intermediate new syllabus is vast, and you may not understand every concept by yourself. Also, a reputable CA coaching institute can guide you better, and you won’t lose track of your time compared to self-study.

About VSI CA Intermediate Coaching

VSI offers CA Intermediate coaching for all the CA aspirants. Additionally, it provides all the necessary amenities such as the competitive environment, personalized study plan, mock test series, study compilers, and much more. You must consider VSI Jaipur Institute for the exam preparation.

For students who don’t live in Jaipur or prefer studying online, then they can opt for the online classes. VSI Jaipur offers the best CA Intermediate online classes on the technologically advanced platform for uninterrupted studies.

You can join VSI in 3 ways.

At Jaipur Center Other than Jaipur Center At your Home
Face to Face Video Classes Online Classes

Your entire CA Intermediate syllabus will get completed on time in all three methods. The study pattern for the VSI CA Intermediate is as follows:

Jaipur Center Other than Jaipur Center Online Classes Expected Role in CA Results
(i) CA Intermediate Classes Face to face Video classes Video Classes 10%
(ii)VSI CA Mock Test Conducted Conducted Conducted 40%
(iii)Personalized Guidance Provided Telephonically Provided Telephonically Provided Telephonically 50%

The CA Intermediate fees for both groups are Rs 80,000. Additionally, the individual cost of Group 1 and Group 2 is Rs 45,000 and Rs 42,500, respectively.


Follow the VSI Jaipur’s study plan to complete the CA Intermediate syllabus on time and clear the exams. Moreover, VSI Jaipur can help you in your entire CA journey. Join VSI Jaipur today and receive excellent teaching, guidance, study materials, quality mock tests, and other features. Better late than never.

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