What are the advantages of a WiFi connection?

The modern age can easily be called the age of the internet as we can see unprecedented wonders of internet-based technology being applied everywhere. The internet has transformed almost all aspects of our everyday lives and one of the technologies that have played a significant part in this transformation is WiFi. Before WiFi-enabled internet connections were a common sight, the wired internet was confined to only connecting with computer systems while the mobiles were dependent on GPRS and LTE technologies for cellular data. That is not the case today as most homes and several public areas are enabled with a wireless internet or WiFi network. There are several advantages of having a WiFi connection, some of which are described below:

  • Quick install – Compared to wired broadband, the wireless broadband network can be set up very easily and quickly. Since there is no need for wires to be added for individual connections, the install wifi can be finished in a short time. The configuration of the router is the only technical knowledge required and many users can do it themselves. Adding a new device to the WiFi network is also easy as all you need is your SSID and password.
  • Flexibility – Once your device is connected to the WiFi network, you can go anywhere within its’ range. Whether you want to sit at a place away from your desk or watch videos while lying on the bed, you do not have to feel inconvenienced by the presence of wires. You can also go out of the house and when you are back, automatically connect back within no time.
  • Stability – The WiFi network is usually considered to be more stable than the wired internet connection. As there are fewer wires, there are minimal chances of developing a fault. The only problem comes in the router, and in those cases, the router troubleshooting can be done easily and even remotely in some cases.
  • Cost-effective – The WiFi network is very cost-effective, and the prices of routers have also come down considerably over the years. These days you can get a high-powered router with a lot of features at a great price.
  • Secure – The security of the network is of top importance these days. Many security features are inbuilt into the modern routers that can provide security against low-level to mid-level hacking attempts.

If you have been interested in getting a WiFi connection for your home, you can’t decide by just searching for a “Wifi connection near me” and choosing a random provider. For the best way to get a good quality WiFi network is to get a broadband plan from one of the best ISPs in India, Airtel. The Airtel broadband plans come with a free WiFi router that can connect up to 10 devices so that you can get a complete solution without spending extra money. The Airtel broadband plans start at just INR 499 which comes with unlimited data. If you wish to get an Airtel broadband plan with reliable V Fibre technology, you can visit the Airtel website and go to the Broadband tab for more details.

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