What are the Purposes of Nitrogen Generators Within Business Environments?

Nitrogen gas usage is ingrained in the daily operations of many businesses. The availability of this resource is vital to the centre of operations in industries ranging from food processing to mining. Unfortunately, conventional nitrogen gas acquisition necessitates high-pressure cylinder rental, distribution, installation, and removal. Canisters are unreliable, resulting in a production halt if deliveries are late or supplies are low.

On the other hand, nitrogen generators are a better choice. If your organization uses nitrogen gas often, consider getting nitrogen generation equipment from Direct Air to build your nitrogen generator and reap the many benefits it offers. 

What Is A Nitrogen Generator?

It’s essential to understand what a nitrogen generator is and how it functions before diving into the many benefits of on-site nitrogen generation. Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and Membrane Technology are two processes that remove nitrogen from the air and compress it in these devices.

The majority of nitrogen generators operate on the adsorption principle. When a solid surface comes into contact with a gas or liquid, the gas or liquid’s molecules adhere to the solid’s surface. Adsorption is the process of gas or liquid molecules adhering to the surface of a solid. Adsorbate is the material that accumulates on a solid surface, whereas adsorbent is the solid surface on which it accumulates.

Application Of Nitrogen Generators In Industries

Nitrogen gas has a wide range of uses in several industries. An on-site nitrogen generator will benefit any industry that currently uses nitrogen canister, cylinder, dewar, or liquid deliveries. Depending on your line of business, a  nitrogen gas generator could integrate seamlessly into your manufacturing process.

Food and beverage processing is one of the most common industries for nitrogen gas. Nitrogen aids in the preservation of food inside its packaging and the extension of its shelf life. This is especially important for bulk foods stored for extended periods and foods without preservatives included in the ingredient list.

Nitrogen is essential to the wine industry, as it prevents the wine from spoiling. Nitrogen also increases the shelf life of non-consumable products such as paint and household solvents and avoids moisture and condensation in electronic components.

Benefits Of Nitrogen Generators

Although disrupting and modifying your current process may seem overwhelming, there are several advantages to owning a nitrogen generator that far outweighs any concerns you may have. The benefits of a nitrogen generator are numerous, and they affect almost every aspect of your company. The following are the main advantages of using an on-site nitrogen generator:


Unlike canisters, cylinders, dewars, and liquid methods, Nitrogen generators produce an endless supply of gas, so you never have to interrupt production to wait for a delivery. Local nitrogen deliveries can run out or be late, but a generator system will keep up with your demand and operate on your schedule.

Improved Safety

Your team faces a safety risk when replacing and transporting nitrogen cylinders. Nitrogen generators are so discreet. They can be placed right on the floor of your production room, where they lie unnoticed, stabilizing the gas, so you do not have to worry about explosions.

Reduced Cost

Whereas canisters, cylinders, dewars, and liquid methods all have high rental and distribution fees and restrictive contracts, generators very little after their initial cost. In reality, the majority of businesses see a return on investment in less than two years.

Customisation Options

Generators can be customized to suit the exact specifications, unlike canisters and cylinders, which are one-size-fits-all. This means that your system can function at full performance, generating precisely the amount of gas needed to keep operations going.

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