What is a Chillum and Tips to Buying The Best One

If you are new to smoking, you might not be familiar with the different kinds of smoking devices available today. One such popular option is a chillum. It is an Indian funnel-bowl pipe made out of clay or stone; the clay used to make this bowl often results in red hues.

The main reason why people prefer smoking through this device rather than other types of smoking pipes is that it has the shortest airpath out of all smoking devices. In other words, when you inhale, you will not be pulling carcinogens into your lungs.

How Do They Work?

To use this product, you need to place your material inside the bowl (usually partially covered by a screen) and light it. Once you start inhaling through the mouthpiece, smoke will travel from the bowl into your mouth and lungs.

The small hole in the center of that screen allows airflow and keeps the weed from burning. Your device must come with a decent-sized bowl because you do not want to refill it in between every inhale.

In general, these pipes are easier to use than other smoking accessories because they require little skill and technique. From start to finish, using a chillum takes less than one minute.

How to Choose the Best Chillum for You?

Over 2/3rds of Americans support the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, and almost 1/3rd of US states have legalized it.

There are several things you will want to consider when choosing a device, including:

  • Price

Since a chillum is a small and straightforward smoking utensil, there is not much to consider regarding pricing. Instead, the price for this bowl tends to be determined by the materials used in its creation. The average device costs between $5 – $25 US dollars, but you can find them as cheap as $1 and as expensive as $200.

  • Material

The smoking product is typically clay or stone, so your material options are pretty limited. However, many chillums have a unique design, which gives you the chance to find one that speaks to you. Clay ones tend to be less expensive, but you will likely be paying a pretty penny if you want an authentic stone device.

  • Size

Chillums come in many different sizes; both the depth and width of the bowl affect how much material it can hold and how long your chillum will last.

An excellent way to start is with a 2-inch-wide bowl, but if you want to smoke with a group of people or do not mind refilling your bowl more often, go for a larger one.

  • Design

Since this is such a simple smoking utensil, the design comes down to preference. Some devices feature intricate patterns and designs etched into their exterior, while others have a smooth clay exterior.

It is important to remember that designs do not affect the performance of the device, but they might give you more satisfaction from using it.

  • Screens

It is super important to consider what type of screens your new device will be coming with because this affects how well your product will work. Screens that are too small might block airflow, while screens that are too large or placed in the wrong spot can allow material to pass through them.

How to Clean Your Chillum?

Once you have purchased your smoking device, it is essential to clean it regularly to continue providing a smooth smoking experience for years to come. The best way to clean your bowl is to mix some salt with warm water and then use a Q-tip or pipe cleaner to clean any stuck-on debris.

If you smoke frequently, you will need to clean your device more often than other types of smoking devices. You do not want to be using harsh chemicals to clean your device because this can affect its taste and durability. Alcohol will dry out the material of your product, while bleach will eat away at the structural integrity of clay or stone.

So, these are some tips to consider when buying your first chillum. It is important to remember that these are only guidelines, and there are no wrong answers. The best way to find the perfect device is to try out a large variety of them to determine what you like most about each one.

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