What Is an Asset Protection System?

If you own a business, you know how easy it is to have your assets stolen or your building breached. Your assets may be vulnerable to people who look to harm your business, so it’s important to keep an eye on them. One of the things you can do to prevent robbery or break-ins can be to invest in an asset protection system like Verkada.

Verkada offers business owners an innovative system to keep their shops, stocked items, warehouses, and employees safe and secured. Their high-tech solutions are perfect for those looking for a reliable and affordable way to monitor their most valuable assets. They offer different solutions for different types of businesses and entities.

So what makes a good asset protection system? Let’s dive into it.

Smart Security Cameras

Security cameras play a big part in every security system today. They can help detect suspicious activity inside any establishment and premises with built-in sensors and smart technology. This smart technology helps detect movement as well as heat signals. Some cameras can even read license plates and recognize facial features to determine if the person being recorded is part of your business’s system or a threat to it. Smart security cameras are a very important tool to make your retail security more secure and great.

Verkada’s security cameras can help you monitor activity in your business with timelapse features to help you view 24 hours of security footage in under 30 seconds. You can view the footage through their software, which also allows you to filter the video streams with attributes, timestamps, and license plates. It also allows you to share the live feed with any person, such as a security guard, employee, or visitor.

Real-Time Notifications

Another great feature of Verkada’s asset security systems is that they can send you notifications of live events in real time. These notifications can be of suspicious activity within your premises, any unauthorized entries to your buildings, and unusual vehicles or individuals that can present a threat to your business. These alerts can be sent via email and SMS as well as through their software.

Having real-time knowledge of how your business is being secured is a great benefit for everyone. You can ensure your valuable assets and employees are stored and working safely and that no one enters your premises without your security system knowing. This can also help to send a response team or the authorities over to your establishment if there is an unfortunate case of theft or breach, fire, or shooting.

Controlled Access

Another benefit of Verkada’s security system is that it can provide your buildings, offices, and parking lots with controlled access. They’ve implemented smart tech so your staff can work safely in the comfort of their secured offices. With Verkada’s smart access control tech, you can assign access permissions to your employees so they can freely enter the premises with their smartphones. The best part is their smartphones don’t even have to be in their hands—they can be in their pockets, purses, backpacks, or anywhere as long as they’re within the range of their Bluetooth connection and the access control device.

This also works for access control for their vehicles so you can ensure that no suspicious or unknown cars are allowed in your parking lot. Additionally, if you have important visitors in your building, you can grant them temporary access to the premises through the software so you and your team can have increased protection and monitoring.

Hybrid Storage

Lastly, Verkada’s security system provides you with hybrid storage so you can have security footage in the cloud as well as on your cameras’ built-in memory. This will help you easily access live footage on the cloud as well as share any past clips from your camera’s stored footage.

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