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What is Daire in Turkey

Flats, or Daire in Turkish, are the most popular type of residential property in the Republic of Turkey. In Turkey, there are no such terms as Khrushchevka, Stalinka, one-room, or two-room – the number of rooms in Turkey is specified as 1+1, 2+1, 3+2, etc., where the first number indicates how many bedrooms, and the third – living rooms.

The layout of 1 +1

It is basically a ” Euro-double” with one bedroom, living room combined with kitchen and bathroom. The average gross floor area is in the range of 50-70 sq.m.

The layout is 2+1

The apartments will comprise 2 bedrooms, an American-style kitchen, and 1 or 2 bathrooms. The size of the apartment can vary from 60sqm to 120sqm.

The layout is 3+1

Typically you will find 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and 1 to 3 bathrooms. The area of the apartment can vary from 90 sq.m. to 160 sq.m.

The layouts in Turkey with 3+2 and 4+2

The first number indicates the number of bedrooms, the second indicates the number of American-style kitchens and several bathrooms offered. The apartments are very spacious, with an even larger footprint than the previous variants.

What is the 0+1 layout?

This category of apartments includes studios, which have been built specifically for people on a limited budget. Studios range in size from 25-to 40 m². But recently, the construction of small flats has been banned on the basis of the experts’ assumption that a small apartment is incompatible with a full-fledged dwelling.

Other types of real estate in Turkey

The Turkish property market offers a wide range of residential properties with quite an impressive price range, so it is possible to buy both budget flats and more comfortable real estate in Turkey, including the most luxurious apartments.


This is a category of duplex apartments situated on the 2 lowest or highest floors. This category of real estate in Turkey is classified into the following housing subtypes:

  • Chats duplex or penthouse.

These are duplex apartments which occupy the top 2 floors. The highlight of such real estate is a spacious roof terrace where the owners can place anything – exotic plants, sun loungers, a barbecue area and other amenities for entertainment. When you understand what a penthouse in Turkey is, you need to understand the importance of the following parameters: whether the stairs are too steep, whether the thermal insulation of the roof meets your expectations.

  • Bahce duplexes.

Presented as duplexes on the ground and first floors with access to a private garden. This type of property is usually located in prestigious complexes with hotel-type infrastructure. The best thing about them, however, is that they have their own green area, which is ideal for outdoor picnics and relaxing. Certainly, the cost of terraced duplexes is higher than apartments with a similar area, as land is the most expensive resource in Turkey.

  • Terce duplexes.

Taking up both zero and ground floors, where the lower one is as if in a semi-basement and its rooms may either have no windows at all or they will be higher than usual, almost under the ceiling. The apartments are designed to be less expensive and the lower level is naturally thermo-insulated, resulting in a pleasant coolness in summer and warmth in winter. In choosing terce duplexes, it is advisable to pay particular attention to the quality of the building and to check for moisture and mould.


This category of property in the Republic of Turkey includes detached cottages with their own gardens as well as villa complexes with landscaped communal areas:

  • outdoor and indoor swimming pools with a children’s section;
  • spa, hammam;
  • sports and games areas for children;
  • a tennis court or billiard room;
  • satellite TV and Internet;
  • 24/7 security and other amenities.

It should be noted that the cost of a luxury villa makes it possible to apply for Turkish citizenship under the investment plan, under which a foreigner can apply for Turkish citizenship if he buys a property of $250,000 or more.

Features of real estate in Turkey

Turkish flats, unlike, for example, European ones, are always delivered fully finished and ready to live in. By purchasing a ready-made apartment, you do not have to think about the final finishes, as they are already included in the declared price of the property for sale in Turkey. You will also get a property fully equipped with modern fixtures and fittings, kitchen units and sometimes all the furniture, pre-installed bathrooms and quality glazing.

Most developers install kitchen appliances in the flats: cooker, oven, extractor hood, air conditioning systems and built-in furniture. If the property is purchased in a luxury development, the design of the apartment often features some kind of exclusive stone, wood or another décor. The floors are usually laid with laminate and ceramic tiles.

Regarding the area of the property, it should be noted that the space stated in the advertisement may be different from the actual size. What is the reason for this? As land is very highly valued in Turkey, the value of the plot is divided proportionally between the owners, which means that the area is stated taking into account the thickness of the walls, part of the staircase, etc. Therefore, the TAPU – certificate of ownership shows the net and gross area, where the net shows the living space and the gross shows the whole.

To understand whether an offer corresponds to reality, it is advisable to take a virtual tour, which involves a manager visiting the property to show the buyer all the parameters of the property for sale in Turkey. This not only allows you to look at the actual size of the flat and compare the layout designation in Turkey but also to make sure that there are no imperfections.

At The Tolerance Company, we will organize a real-time tour for you, help you find apartments in the territory of the Republic of Turkey at competitive prices and conditions and ensure that the purchase and sale is carried out legally.

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