What is the best temporary solution for a water leak?

Water leakage can be a real problem. Although the thing can look rather trivial at the very beginning and we might feel that it can be delayed for just a little longer, but in reality it could be the beginning of much bigger problems of it is left unattended for very long. This is one of the main reasons why you must call for experts of Leak Detection to analyze the situation best and then work on its at the earliest. This will help to stop wastage of water and at the same time also protect your plumbing system as a whole. However if you are unable to find a permanent solution you can work out some temporary solutions for quick handling of the situation.

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Pipe clamps

These pipe clamps are made of metal sleeves and has a padding of rubber inside tem. They can be one of the best temporary solutions to fix a leaking copper pipe. Replacing that portion of the pipe will require a lot of elaborate work like cutting of that part of the pipe and then meshing the two sides of the pipe to make them a single continued pipe. All of this will also require a lot of specialized tools. Using a pipe clamp can fix the leakage in matter of minutes and will also save a good amount of money. This is one of the techniques which are used in very severe water leakage situations. Hence this is a temporary solution which will work just fine for your house or office.

Repair sleeves

Until you are able to get hold of experts like the plumbing service teams from Rooter Hero you can also use a repair sleeve to stop the leakage from a pinhole leak. These sleeves are very similar in their designs and looks to the pipe clamps. They can support a leaked pipe for a temporary time period. However they still happen to be a temporary solution and must be replaced for permanent solution for the leakage.

Epoxy compound

Epoxy compounds are like a mud like mixture that can be needed in soft dough and then is applied around the leaking pipe in the form of a wrap. The compound can get dry in matter of minutes thus securing the leak in an effective manner. This has been in the market for a very long time and hence being a great temporary solution to make a leaking pipe work. However the amount of epoxy that is required for the job will depend on the nature and the volume or extent of the leakage. You must allow ax expert plumber Riverside determine this aspect and then work on it.

Rubber pipe connectors

If the pipe that has been leaked, then in that case the rubber pipe connectors can help to fix the problem. Although in this situation a permanent solution happens to be to replace the pipe as a whole, but these connectors can hold the leakage for a temporary time period. Some part of the rubber pipe that has been damaged must be cut off and then both the ends will be connected with a connector. This is a process which will turn out to be cheaper than having to change the pipe as a whole. However remember that this is a temporary solution and the pipe will eventually have to be replaced.


The market has a large variety of tapes that can be used for wrapping the area that has a leakage. These tapes are available in different materials and also in different breadths and width. You need to analyze the nature of the leakage so that you can buy the most appropriate one to mend the leakage at your place. This is yet again a temporary measure to make a leakage work just fine. At the end of the day and after a while the pipe must be replace or some other measure must be implemented for a permanent solution. However as a temporary solution they are a perfect DIY option and can be handled by one and all. Keep a few of them ready and handy at home for instant use.

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