What Makes Your Video Rank in Search Results on YouTube

In this digital era, there is a high demand for video content. It is observed that around 75-80% of the customer traffic involves video traffic. You can find every type of video online. YouTube has been the most popular platform for watching online videos. Whenever you search for any topic you can find loads of videos on the same. But people tend to watch the top 3 or 5 videos in search results. Every YouTuber wants to appear in top search results. However, it is not possible easily. YouTube works on an algorithm that ranks the video. Appearing in top results requires lots of effort and continuous optimization.

YouTube algorithm cannot watch your video to rank it. So, it takes several factors into account to rank your videos. Those factors include subscribers count, views count, and video watch time. Also, a description of videos and other SEO factors impact your ranking. Overall YouTube looks at how popular you are among the audience. So, all these factors help the algorithm decide whether people are liking your content or not.

Purchase YouTube Subscribers

You can purchase YouTube subscribers to increase your reach. Purchasing YouTube subscribers help you to increase video watch time as well. Because the subscribers you purchase watch your videos till the end. Also, it helps you to gain more subscribers organically. It is one of the easiest ways to market your channel among the audience. Marketing on your own becomes a tedious task. So, purchasing YouTube subscribers helps to monetize through videos. Also, it increases your target audience reach. Make sure that you purchase subscribers from a reliable source (know more). It is legal to invest in real and active subscribers.

Apart from subscribers and view count you have to focus majorly on SEO. The content quality attracts more subscribers organically. So, make sure that you provide quality content with proper video and audio quality. The following factors impact your video ranking largely.

  • Video Metadata: Video metadata includes tags, descriptions, titles, and keywords in the videos. All these factors are taken into account while ranking your videos. You should optimize your video title, description, and keywords from time to time. The tags and keywords you use categorize your videos. It defines the category in which your channel lies. This is the reason you should write a proper channel description with important keywords. Video and channel category is important for recommending videos. It adds value to your channel.

You should focus on SEO to improve your ranking on YouTube. You can optimize your videos by including the following factors:

  1. Title: Include the catchy title of your video. Try to include keywords in the title. The title should be compelling to watch.
  2. Description: Another factor you should focus on is the description. The description should contain proper keywords. The length of the video description should be between 150-200 words.
  3. Thumbnail: The thumbnail also plays an important role in attracting viewers and subscribers. You should add an eye-catchy thumbnail to the videos. Customize the thumbnail according to the video type.
  4. Topic Tags: Add relevant tags for the video. These tags help in categorizing your videos.
  • User experience matrix: YouTube focuses a lot on user engagement. It ranks the videos through comments, subscribers after watching, etc. Watch time of videos also plays a vital role. Videos with a watch time of 90% or more have a higher ranking. Let’s say if the video is 5 minutes. But the viewers leave after a minute. Then it has poor watch time. Then no matter how much view count you have, the rating will be lower. So, focus on video quality and retention.
  • Video comments: YouTube encourages the creator to publish videos that attract more users. So, comments are a strong indicator that people are engaging in the videos.
  • Length of video: Generally, the longer videos outrank shorter videos. The length of the video should be between 12-20 minutes. But make sure that you do not bore the audience. Because watch time is also important for higher ranking.
  • More sharing: YouTube algorithm uses social media platforms as a deciding factor up to some extent. The social shares increase view count as well. So, it acts as a deciding factor too.
  • HD videos: The first page of YouTube is mostly filled with HD quality videos. The creators who publish high-quality content always record in HD quality.
  • Session watch time: This measures how a video contributes to a viewing session overall. It observes whether viewers abandon the video at a point or watch the next two-three videos. YouTube’s objective is to involve more and more users on their platform. Like watching videos, ads, and discovering more channels.

All these factors play an important role in deciding the video’s ranking. To come under top results you can follow below tips and tricks:

  • Playlists: Make proper playlists of the videos. Make the playlist in a series or correlated to each other.
  • Keywords: Do proper research on keywords. Add keywords that attract more user traffic.
  • Watch time: The watch time acts as a deciding factor. So, make sure you offer quality content so that the user watched the whole video.
  • User interaction: Ask the viewers to like, comment and subscribe. More likes, comments, and subscribers increase your ranking.
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