What You Need to Know About Sterling Silver Snake Chains


If you’re searching for something with a unique design, sterling silver snake chain make an excellent option. Boasting flexible plates with curved designs that create an undulating drape and an eye-catching visual, they make this chain perfect for layering with other chains or embellishing with pendants – and come in various lengths to meet all of your needs and style preferences.

This chain is available by the foot so you can order exactly the length that meets your needs. Crafted from sterling silver and featuring an easy lobster clasp closure system, it makes an ideal addition to a variety of necklace styles – 16, 18, or 20 inches are available as options.

No matter their length, snake chains make a stylish statement in any setting. From wearing solo to layering them with other pieces and outfits alike. Not only are they affordable and long-wearing – hypoallergenic options may even be an excellent fit if you have sensitive skin!


Sterling silver snake chains aren’t just beautiful; they also provide an effective means of displaying pendants or beads of choice. Finding one with an appropriate balance of thickness will allow the piece you love to sit securely instead of hanging off your neck, so consider your pendant’s style and wearer weight before making your selection – don’t stress though, there’s plenty of options out there to meet all your needs such as this 1.9mm silver variant and 18″ bling variant to choose from!

Tensile Strength

Dependent upon its wire size and alloy hardness, the tensile strength of a sterling silver snake chain may range anywhere between 25 – 60 lb (11.3-27.2 kg). However, this value will change with thickness; typically larger chains possess higher tensile strengths due to their larger cross section area and exposed surfaces of each link – an essential factor when assessing mechanical strength of necklace chains.

These chains, used for making bracelets, are typically constructed out of sheets of metal with links stamped out from it and connected by wire pins as shown in Figure 6. Their tensile strength depends primarily on the strength of these connecting pins – usually reaching up to 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms) when using 14 gauge (1.8mm) chains as an example; 25 gauge (3.4mm) chains tend to be far stronger.


Sterling silver snake chains offer one of the greatest advantages: their flexibility. Dancing and jiggling around with it can be great fun, while it showcases your beads beautifully. A couple of sterling silver beads paired with some free time could create the next best thing to a night on the town; no license necessary!

14 Inch

The 14 Inch Sterling Silver Snake Chains are an excellent way to add a special touch to any jewelry piece. Available in an array of styles and finishes, these chains are durable and cost-effective – not to mention hypoallergenic! Tarnish-resistant as well as hypoallergenic make these the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. With proper care and maintenance these chains should continue looking beautiful on your wrist for years.

The snake chain is an eye-catching piece that features tubular curved plates connected by tightly linked links that give it more of a snake-like appearance than other chains. Flexible and stackable with other chains or embellished with pendants, snake chains can also be easily worn around necks without being tight enough. But these chains do tend to kink and require careful handling – which JTV offers at affordable prices with their extensive collection. Shop by metal finish, color and brand to find one perfect for you – but remember the right length before selecting!

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