What You Need to Know about the New X-Ray Scanners in CS:GO?

Valve, the developer of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, has decided to make the gamers’ experience even more delightful. They introduced the x-ray scanner that helps open cases of in-game loot boxes. For now, this service is only available for French gamers. Eventually, it will become available for gamers all over the world. Do you hear about X Ray scanner CS:GO for the first time? Let us provide you will more information on the deal.

How does the new X-Ray scanner work?

These X-Ray scanners were introduced in 2019 as an update for CS:GO. Instead of a sweeping new service, the patch focused on local players. The concept of the X-Ray scanning was actually quite simple compared to a standard case opening.

Instead of using a key, French players have to reveal the content of their selected case. Once they use the key, the scanner will display your reward and give you the choice to keep it or reject it.

If you don’t like the content of the case, you can’t jump from one case to another trying to find something worthy. Once you are done with the case, the scanner gets locked for a certain period of time.

What are the new skins offered by the X-Ray scanner?

In the new X-Ray collection, CS:GO fans can find exclusive skins that might let you see through the weapon itself. The gun that has been revealed so far is the P250, which is the first skin to find after joining the X-Ray scanner program. Being untradeable, it can’t be allocated on the community market.

Staying together with the community market, French players now can’t purchase cases from there. Instead, they will have to trade for them. This means that moving forward in terms of free cases and completing parts of the Major viewer pass challenges remain serious cases. Well, Valve seems to be determined when it comes to crossing those bridges

French gamers get admission to the X-ray scanner after buying a P250 X-ray skin. As soon as they usage the X-ray scanner to tell the skin container’s content, they’ll partake to buy that casing beforehand by the scanner on dissimilar containers.

Where to use X-Ray scanner?

The X-Ray scanner has been created as a tool for devoted CS:GO players. It has provided them with an opportunity to scan a CS:GO casing ampule. Whatever they find inside, they can buy or just leave. The only way to unblock the scanner over is by demanding the case they used it on earlier.

According to HOUNGOUNGAGNE’s statements, CS:GO in France was against look boxes. Nevertheless, gamers were happy to get an option that has been presented by Valve and licensed by the national gambling law in the republic.

The development of the X-ray scanner was explained by the attempt to prevent gambling risks. Whatever the reason, French gamers can now open skin containers in CS:GO. Operators since republics such as Netherlands and Belgium can’t access CS:GO cases. This service simply doesn’t work anywhere except in France. introduced

In France, loot boxes are not available for acquisition from the Vapor public marketplace. In 2021, they can only be sold upon request. It’s not really clear how France will respond to this original article. The country and the local players may start fighting against the recent update if they really want to escape betting on CS:GO casings.

Countries like Belgium and the Netherlands are also not allowed to buy casino chips in GTA Online or start the cases from CS:GO due to the changes to the national legislative norms. Nevertheless, Valve has found a way for their neighbors in France to carry on doing so in the format of a new X-Ray scanner. So, this is what this new service is all about.

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