Who Invented Sex Dolls?

The recent trend in the development of sex toys has resulted in some very interesting products like vibrators and love dolls. These are products that date back centuries ago to ancient China. Back then, people did not have the internet, cell phones, or any other technology that we have today. So back then, there were no premarital sex fantasies, no talk of online dating, or even dating in general. If you think about it, that is pretty incredible considering how much the world has changed in so short a period.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, here is a quick history lesson. Back in the early ages, sex dolls or otherwise known as masturbation aids were developed and used by men who thought it would be a way to come between their lovers and themselves. These were crude and were not without their problems. The only real solution to this was, who the heck knows. For those who knew, masturbation aids were eventually used in the 16th century and thereafter.

So, the question remains, who in the heck knew about these? Well, the answer is obvious. The Romans. Much to our delight, it turns out that the Romans were not the first people to use sex toys, but they sure did enjoy using them a lot.

It was Emperor Maximilian and his physician, Alcuin that devised the first set of sex dolls or, to put it another way, the first real human sex doll. They were the brainchild of a doctor named Hermann Himler. In 1827, according to records, he brought a number of them with him when he went on a fishing trip in the Baltic Sea. He had been told by his doctor that since there are no female sperm cells in fish, the fish should ideally have no problem growing them. This led him to develop several different types over the next few years and named them after his physician, his wife, and himself.

Himmler developed two types of a sex dolls. The first was a very lifelike and realistic-looking model that he would move about the bed with, just like a real woman. The second was made from latex, which he also used to form the body. It looked and felt exactly like a real woman. Some critics claim that although Alcuin was the first to use these terms, others can attribute the invention to Hermann Himler and others but it is most likely that he simply rediscovered the uses of sex dolls and their many uses over the past century or so.

Before going any further, let us examine who invented sex dolls in general and not just Hermann Himler and his creation. Early Sex Dolls were wooden dolls that could be moved around and posed. They were most often made of wood but could be molded to look more realistic. They had no clothing and were only available in white or black colors. They also had no breasts and did not have breasts that are how they were originally perceived as, so they were considered as “the female”.

A great example of a sex doll that has been around for a long time is the Tchakert that Hermann Himler made in 1850. The name Tchakert translates into ‘ashes’ in German. It was created to help the women of Germany and other countries in the region avoid being caught having sexual relations with their servants.

Although many people believe that Dr. Hermann Himler was the first person to create sex dolls, this might not be entirely true. However, it might be safe to say that Dr. Tchakert was the very first person to conceptualize, create and promote these amazing pieces of art. It is quite interesting to learn that he did not create them simply because he felt like doing something out of the ordinary. Rather, he created them because he truly believed that women deserved to be loved and that he could do this by creating a perfect woman that he hoped would bring happiness to the people around her. One must wonder if anyone has ever found a perfect woman that they loved enough to want to share their lives with, but this is one of the mysteries of love. For more information about sex dolls, please visit here: https://www.kanadoll.com/sex-doll-inventor/. яндекс

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