Why Fiber Optic Installation Should Be Part of Your Office Network Upgrade

The rise in technology and emergence of cloud computing services have changed how enterprises conduct business. We currently live in a world where information is expected to be easily available and downloaded instantly.

To meet the demand for instant access, every business needs to upgrade their network infrastructure. High latency and slow internet speed can be the cause of business losses. That’s why every business owner should include fiber optic installation as part of their office network upgrade.

Benefits of Fiber Optic Installation

Fiber optic networks offer great advantages to your business. From voice over IP capabilities, to improving cloud-connectivity and greater bandwidth, fiber optic is a powerful tool to help in smooth running of your business. In the current world of technology, every office needs Wi-Fi installation to enable processing of business data among other things. Here are some of the benefits of installing fiber optics in your office:

1. Better bandwidth

With fiber optics, office cabling has better bandwidth than metal cables. Data is transmitted per unit time over other transmissions giving fiber optic more advantage. With business demanding data transmission, it’s important to have greater bandwidth.

If your current office network has low bandwidth or has difficulties in meeting your current data transfer demands such as multicast video breaking or interfering with CCTV installation like image shearing, you need an upgrade.

2. Fast internet speed

Greater bandwidth means faster internet speed. Internet speed is essential for business productivity especially since businesses rely on exchanging data files. Fiber optic has high speed therefore enabling fast uploads and downloads.

3. Strong security

Fiber optic data cabling is more secure. It is difficult to tap without consent and doesn’t radiate signals. Even better, it offers high physical security since all electronics and hardware can be installed in a central location unlike in copper systems where equipment is installed within distribution locations.

4. Flexibility

Unreliable connectivity can result to more costs. Any unplanned downtime may interfere with business productivity or even bring the business to a complete stop. Your office being the ‘kitchen’ of your business, connectivity and communication reliability is a necessity to enable smooth operation.

Unlike copper cables, fiber optic cables are lighter in weight and thinner hence can withstand more pressure and are less prone to breakage. Besides, they are flexible and can easily bend making office cabling easy. They also resist corrosive elements.

Fiber optic cables don’t conduct electric current making data connections resistant to electromagnet interference, radio signals or lightning interference. On the other hand, copper cables conduct electricity, making them vulnerable to lightning and signal-scrambling. In addition, optic networks are not susceptible to weather conditions that may interfere with data transmission.

5. Affordable

Fiber cable costs have decreased over the years which means prices may drop further. It is already cheaper compared to other alternatives in many instances. Even better, once you are connected, other options open up to moving services to cloud therefore providing scalability and saving on cost. To reduce on cost, go for an experienced fiber optic installation company to get professional installation that won’t need adjustments in the future.

6. Longer transmission

Fiber optic cables are low power loss mediums which means you achieve higher bandwidth over longer distances. They can reach several kilometers which is far better compared to the maximum distance limit of 100-metres set for copper cables.

7. Improved latency

An upgrade to fiber optic network eliminates latency issues experienced with cable internet specifically when uploading or downloading a video. Benefits of improved latency include ability to download and upload huge files, ability to move apps to cloud without disruption, and better voice quality for the VoIP users. Generally, it improves employee collaboration in the workforce. Improved collaboration means smooth business operation which increases productivity translating to huge incomes and less business costs.

Final thoughts

With increased competition, every business needs an upgrade to keep up and outdo competitors in the market. Fiber optic installation is one important upgrade that may help save on cost or even increase productivity which may translate to better profits. If you haven’t upgraded to fiber optic in your office Wi-Fi, you should consider it since your business is missing out.

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