Why is my cat always hungry?

If, as soon as his plate is empty, the cat begs for food again, you need to know the reason. Usually, this animal is able to adjust its diet. If he is still hungry, something has gone wrong. Here are some possible scenarios.

Cat food is not of good quality

Whether a cat is in the lactation stage, whether it is a nurse cat or an old cat, even though it is old, the animal must have access to food to be able to meet its needs. However low-fat diets are high in fat and do not meet the needs of animals. In addition, they are quickly corrected. Animals are always hungry because it is also important to know that this unhealthy food is not enough.

If the cat is always hungry, you can try changing the type of food by giving the kibble (dry food) and the mast is soft food. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of a veterinarian on the needs of the cat but also on the species that are being praised.

Digestive parasites in cats

If the stomach worm enters the cat’s gut, this can affect its health in the long or short term. A dry and bloated stomach can be a sign of this, as well as a sudden increase in food intake. A visit to a veterinarian is required to be diagnosed.

Don’t wait for the Cat meals to catch the insects. It is advisable to choose prevention. Therefore, it is usually advisable to remove the cat 2-4 times a year to prevent the cat from becoming infected with the worm.

Hyperthyroidism in cats

This condition is characterized by an increase in hormones due in the thyroid gland. This leads to an increase in basal metabolism. This is due to excessive nutrition and lack of emotions in the city. Cats are always hungry so they eat a lot.

Diabetes in cats

Like hyperthyroidism, diabetes in cats can cause anorexia and sometimes increased appetite. In this second case, the animal eats more than ever but still loses weight. He is tired, his jacket is weak, and he drinks a lot and urinates more. These signs must be informed to his master. They justify consulting with each other.

Small animals to be worried about

Cats are very sensitive animals. Subtle changes in behavior, such as changing meal times, can increase your diet because you are afraid to lose weight. This usually happens in small cats that receive two parts a day. Animals are greatly fortified when they know that there is a bowl of carrots. In the case of an eating disorder, you can give her 4-6 meals a day, but less at a time so that she does not exceed her daily needs.

Be careful, in some cases even the need for food may be convincing. After that, these cats eat too much and vomit. To avoid this kind of practice, you need to start by investigating the causes of stress and anxiety within you. It could be climate change (movement of the house), the arrival of a new baby at the house, the presence of a friend who has spent a few days at home, or living with another pet (whether or not they are of the same family). .Many different situations confuse cats.

Lastly, make sure that the cat is not sick, because it is not surprising that physical suffering causes distress. Of course, it is important to consult a veterinarian without delay if you have any doubts.

Frustrated cat

Internally, inactivity can lead to depression. As in humans. And the more bored he became the more depressed he became. This is the way he tries to pay and eat more. This is an attitude found in cats who are locked in a house or apartment all day without an owner.

Dont forget that cats need encouragement every day. The game may help him not to get bored, but he enjoys hunting. This can only be done if the young birds have the opportunity outdoors. You can drop the cat cover to get in and out as desired. The cat lives as an enemy and gives you the danger of exaggeration. As soon as possible, the master should spend a lot of time each day playing with the little ones and encouraging them to get out of the garden.

Finally, if a cat is constantly asking for food and not because of the problems described above, then it can attract the owners attention. The best solution is to break the fear or problem into a few smaller steps. As long as he eats and his food is delicious, there is no reason to give more than he needs. The practice could get better in a few months. If not, you can go to a behavioral veterinarian.

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