Why would you want to collect a first edition book?

If you are a book collector, your main focus would be to keep on collecting books. While you are collecting books like that, you need to make sure that you are spending your money on the first edition books at all times. That’s because the first edition books are always worthy when compared to the other editions of the books. You should keep this fact in your mind and go ahead with collecting the books accordingly. Then you will be provided with the best possible experience with book collecting.

Aren’t you convinced yet? Then you must take a look at the reasons on why people are collecting first edition books. Simply go through the following reasons and you can make sure that you understand the importance associated with collecting first edition books.

First edition books are more valuable 

Let’s start with the obvious reasons first. The first edition books are usually more valuable when compared to the books that belong to the other editions. As a book collector, your main objective is not to have a large number of books. Instead, your main objective would be to get many high value books to the collection. This is where the first edition books come into play.

Even if you want to sell your book collection at a later stage, you will be able to auction these first edition books at a higher price tag. People will be willing to purchase the books and pay a premium price for it. Hence, the process of collecting first edition books would be a worthy experience that you can go through at all times.

The market price associated with a book varies on numerous factors. One of the most prominent factors out of them is the edition. The first edition books are highly in demand, but the supply is limited. Therefore, people tend to give more value to those first edition books and purchase them from the market accordingly. 

You are not risking your money to purchase the first edition books that are available out there in the market. Instead, you will be able to receive excellent returns out of your investment along with time. You cannot expect such returns from a second edition book or any other book published within a later edition, unless there is an exceptional reason. Hence, you can call this as the most prominent reason on why people tend to purchase first edition books.

First edition books contain unaltered versions of the story 

The first edition books will provide you with unaltered versions of the story as well. In other words, the original state of the story or content written by the author is available within first edition books. The book authors usually take part in the process of publishing the first edition. In fact, they actively participate in the publishing. You can visit here this site xfire and you get to the best latest information. And visit here more zeepost website. Click here pseudo.

After the publishing of the first edition is completed, they go ahead and take a look at the books and this is where they notice the mistakes. The corrections will be made to the books accordingly. In addition to that, they will go ahead and alter the existing content or add new content to the book as well. This is another reason on why the first edition books are highly worthy when compared to the others. 

Reading a first edition book can make you feel special 

You will feel special when you are reading a first edition book as well. In other words, you will be able to develop a strong relationship along with the first edition book that you purchase. The first edition books are the ones that broke reputations of authors. These books were read by the public as well as the critics. Some of the books have received lots of negative reviews. As a result, the authors and the publishers were not motivated to publish any second edition of such books.

However, not all the first edition books were blasted by the critics. Some of the first edition books helped the authors to earn fame overnight. You will be able to go through such books when you are specifically looking for the first edition books as well. 

Due to these reasons, getting your hands on a first edition book can provide a different experience to you. This is an experience that all the book collectors are interested in going through. 

They can take us to specific cultural moments 

Another important fact to know about first edition books is that they are in a positon to take us all the way to some of the cultural moments. You will be able to take a look at the novels such as Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Ulysses, and Tropic of Cancer to get a better understanding about them. In these novels, a high level of controversy is present. When we go through such books, we will be able to remind about the groundbreaking publishers, who didn’t pay attention towards the laws of obscenity. They simply violated the laws. In addition to that, the spirited individuals went ahead and smuggled the copies of these books. These books were taken across the borders like that. 

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First edition books have a different design

The design that you can find in the first edition books are quite different as well. This can also provide you with a unique experience. When we see the design, a complex series of associations with related to place and time will be triggered within ourselves. 

You can call The Great Gatsby as a perfect example for such a book. This is one of the most coveted books that can be found in the market. That’s because the defining image of the book contains Roaring Twenties. 

Go through these facts and make sure that you are investing your money accordingly on the first edition books. Then you will be provided with the best experience offered out of them. 

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