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spin the hat, also known as spin the hat, is a very popular online select genre. In there Win jar explodes is a game built and developed by the house Jun 88. This is a game that is sought after and chosen by many players to experience. Not only does it bring you interesting experiences with good gameplay. Players also have the opportunity to receive big bonuses from this game. Let’s find out now.

Introducing Win jackpot at Jun88

Xi To or spin the hats are always a famous and popular select genre. Currently, there are thousands of spin the hats on the market. So what causes it? Win jar explodes from Jun88 is so well received? Details are as follows:

Game interface

The first factor to mention is the game’s top-notch interface. This is a game that makes a strong impression with its unique design images. Each spin the hat will have its own themes and appropriate interfaces.

With this game,  Jun88 has created vivid and eye-catching images. Combined with appropriate sound effects and construction layouts. From there, creating an attractive and classy experience space for players. Surely you will be captivated from the first time you access this game.


The rules of most spin the hats are quite simple and easy to understand. However, the gameplay and operation of each game will be slightly different. For exploding jar Win Even if you are a rookie, it is completely accessible. Because of this game, you just need to place a bet and spin the pot and you’re done.

At the same time, the house also integrates detailed instructions right into the game home page. You will not need to worry about the regulations when spinning the pot. Affirming that  Jun88 can completely meet all players’ requirements for this game.

Compensation rate

Another attractive point of the game is the highly competitive payout rate. Most of the jackpot games on the market today only need a RPT of 90% to be high. But coming to game portal  Jun88 in general and the game Win jar explodes in particular. Then you can absolutely experience a spin the hat with an RPT of 95%.
This is a dream rate for those who love spin the hats. Therefore, experiencing select and select here is not just a simple entertainment spot. This is also an opportunity for you to win great prizes.

Game features

This jackpot game is a new product built and developed at Jun88. The house always wants to bring players quality games. Therefore, many useful special features have been added to the game.

Along with that, players can use it to increase rewards when winning. This helps you enhance your experience with this game. Typical of some new features such as autoplay, speedy spin, quick shuffle…


Because this is a new game released by the house not long ago. So  Jun88 really wants to attract more new players to join the game Win jar explodes. Promotion policy is one of the activities that can help game portal achieve this goal.

Here, you can receive many great rewards and incentives when participating. There are programs that give away select tickets and free spins. Or even great valuable gifts for bonus rounds.

Instructions on how to play Win jackpot at Jun88 

It can be seen that this spin the hat brings players many interesting experiences. So what’s special about the gameplay of this game compared to other spin the hats? Detailed instructions for participation Jun88 and enjoy this jackpot game as follows:

Step 1: Enter the game at the select lobby Jun88 

First, players need to access the website Jun88 and proceed to log in. If you do not have a member account with the house, you can register in advance. At the main interface, click on the spin the hat and search for the game title Win jar explodes

Step 2: Choose the appropriate pot exploding bet level

Next, players should click on the game to go to the home page of this game. Here, you should choose the appropriate pot exploding bet level for your game. The house has quite a variety of bet levels for players to choose and try.

The higher the bet, the larger the reward, but the risk is also very large. Therefore, consider carefully before making a select decision for each of your games.

Step 3: Spin the jar

After completing the selection of the appropriate jackpot bet level and placing the bet successfully. Players can choose their own spin mode to get ready to spin. Game title Win jar explodes There are many features to support the lottery for participating members.

So if you have the opportunity, take advantage of it to get the best results for the game. Finally, you press the Spin button to spin the pot and the scroll bars on the board will move.

Step 4: Get results

The scroll bars will move quickly for about 15 – 20 seconds and then stop. As soon as it ends, your game results will appear. If you win the game, you will receive a bonus according to the house’s regulations. The bonus amount will be put into the person’s fund and will be paid later by the house.

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Best experience playing Win jackpot at Jun88 

The gameplay of this jackpot game is not complicated but is also very easy to try. However, if you want to win big prizes. Then you need to learn some more good lottery spinning experiences from below Jun88. 

Take advantage of free spins

Free spins are free spins that players can receive from the house. Free spins are often given out during promotions from the gaming lobby. Or players can hunt for free spins through their games.

For these spins, you will be able to bet without paying any fees. So if you take advantage of good free spins, you can win a jackpot or a big reward.

Choose the golden hour to spin the pot

Play jackpot in general and game titles Win jar explodes in particular. So, it is very important to accurately rotate the pot at the golden time of the day. Time can sometimes determine a player’s payout rate. Because if during a peak hour there is an excess number of players. Then the payout ratio will decrease and even if you win, you will not receive a large bonus. You should choose to spin the pot at a time close to the golden hour. This is considered the secret shared by many pot exploding experts.

Look for suitable pot spinning principles

Spin the pot in the game Win jar explodes It’s not as simple as pressing a button and getting results. If you want to win with a large amount of rewards, players need to have a clear strategy.

One of them is finding suitable pot spinning principles for each game. You should take notes about the process of playing the lottery and from there you will have many good rules. Besides, taking notes also helps you manage your select capital more effectively.

Above are shares about the game Win jar explodes from game portal Jun88. This is one of the unique and popular spin the hats. Quickly register for Jun88 to experience select and spinning right away.

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