10 Tips To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer On Your Nails

It’s not fair to spend so much time doing your hands and, the next day, find the nail polish peeling off. Success is in the details. Yes, in the details, or, in other words, in the little tricks that can be adopted when polishing your nails. We have selected tips from experts on the fancy nails so that you keep your nail polish until you get tired of it without signs of wear.

  1. Wash your hands before starting the “manicure ritual”, making sure that the nails are free of product residues, allowing better adherence of the nail polish;
  2. Avoid filing the nail surface, which can weaken them, facilitate breakage or peeling, resulting in less nail polish permanence;
  3. If the idea is long lasting, carefully select the nail polish. Choose one that provides high coverage and gel, which has been proven to last longer;
  4. Test the condition of the enamel before using it, checking if it is excessively pasty and dense. The thinner and more fluid, the more durability;
  5. After choosing the enamel, apply a strengthening base before starting to enamel;
  6. Use the toe separators for nail polish to make the process faster and easier.
  7. Try to apply only one, at most, two layers of enamel on each nail, reducing the chances of flaking;
  8. Take care not to accumulate nail polish on the tips of the nails or on the sides because this accumulation makes the surface more prone to peeling;
  9. If possible, pass the toothpick with cotton and nail remover on top of the nails, reducing the chances of the tips flaking off;
  10. Avoid waving your hands or leaving them in the wind to dry faster. This can form mini-balls or cracks in the enamel;
  11. Apply a top coat over the nails and reapply after three days to further protect the nail polish.

Extra foolproof tricks to paint your nails with nail polish

When well applied, clear nail polishes deliver a super charming and delicate look to the nails, in addition to matching all styles, right?

However, making uniform enamel with them can be a challenge. So that you don’t have to go through more troubles at the time of manicure with light tones, we’ve selected some tips to add to your routine!

Prepare your nails well

As well as preparing the skin to ensure a beautiful makeup, preparing the nails is an important act to adopt before applying the enamel. Even with little skill with manicure, polishing, sanding, moisturizing the cuticles and using a quality base are steps that make all the difference in the finish and health of the nails!

Use a pearl or shimmer nail polish

And the great secret of nail lovers to guarantee a clear enamel without smudges is to use a pearl or shimmering enamel before the chosen color. You can choose the one you prefer, and some brands have already launched specific pearl polishes for light tones. Cool huh?

A matte base can also help you

If you don’t really adapt to the previous tip, the matte base is also an alternative used for clear and stain-free nails. Be sure to test and find the best technique to have a result that you like the most!

Wait for the layers to dry

This tip is very simple, you just need to wait for each layer of clear nail polish to dry before doing another one. This helps to keep the nail polish from getting thick and making a snot, you know?

Make the enamel with light hands

Having patience and light hands during nail polish is essential for making thin coats of nail polish. With practice your skill improves, so don’t be afraid to take risks in this learning moment!

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