3 Essential Elements Often Missed During Mobile Application Development

Reliance on mobile apps has increased over the last decade as people seek convenience and speed. Nonetheless, with millions of applications available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, making your brand stand out is a daunting task.

When your business owns a mobile application or considers having one, it is essential to weigh in the conversion rate. Sifting through all possible areas for an improvement can only be achieved with a trusted app developing team, such as DreamWalk.

The mobile app development phase often becomes a critical stage that sets the stage for success or failure. Having the right team working on your mobile app is a big factor that will turn your initial investment into sales. Here are some of the often-missed elements during a mobile app development phase.

  • Revving up download rates with a well-designed icon

One of the most striking yet subtle ways of increasing your business app download rates is to focus on the app’s icon. Visual cues in the digital world are vital in providing customers with a seamless and consistent user experience (UX). Additionally, the app’s icon is also the first point of contact in the app store.

It is, therefore, worth investing in creating one that is visually appealing. The icon should be eye-catching and recognisable, so it creates a strong impression. It needs to make an exact representation of your business and give your customers an idea of its functionality. A good app icon instantly gives users an idea of what they are signing up for once they download and open your business’ mobile application.

  • Considering App Store Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a common jargon in digital marketing, but for app creators, this equates to App Store Optimisation (APO). DreamWalk helps businesses get the needed visibility in the leading OS app markets by tailoring approaches based on marketability.

Such strategies often include keyword relevance, positive reviews, geo-location targeting, and an effective app categorisation. These key elements are sometimes missed out during an application’s project development phase but can be provided by an experienced and highly knowledgeable team.

  • Using Demo Videos and Various Visual Content

Creating content through demo videos or blogs helps disseminate information about your brand and app’s existence. Showcasing your business application through visual content is a good way of increasing download.

A 30-second video with a simple message that highlights its benefits and focuses on the WIIFM (What’s In It for Me) helps convince people. It is also essential to emphasise the application’s usability and what particular feature makes it stand out.


Getting visibility in the Apple and Google App Stores can have a big impact on your business. Whether you want your customers to complete a particular task or dwell on your site longer, there are plenty of ways to achieve that.

An app development team with the right experience and one that has tested the Australian market can help put your brand in front of the pack. Increasing download rates is a one-time question, but maintaining its usability and performance can be a recurring issue. The right team will help your brand grow using proven techniques in the mobile application development industry.

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