Explained: How IELTS Can Give You More Career Opportunities and Its Score Validity

Students planning to pursue higher education or be employed in an international organisation must demonstrate their English proficiency skills. This applies to those countries where English is the primary language of communication.

However, those candidates harnessing this dream must know about IELTS validity. Therefore, this blog will outline all other aspects and IELTS validity.

How is IELTS Score Calculated?

IELTS score is calculated by taking an average of all four sections. It is essential to understand what each band score means:

Band Skill Level Description
9 Expert user The candidate has operational command of the language. In addition, he\she has accuracy and fluency.
8 Very good user Only a few occasional errors occur. However, the candidate has command over the language and misunderstands unfamiliar situations.
7 Good user Has stronghold over the language. In some situations, one may misunderstand it and use it inaccurately. However, complex language and reasoning are handled rather well.
6 Competent The candidate has an adequate command of the language. One can understand its complexity.
5 Modest The individual has a partial command of the language. One may commit many mistakes due to inaccuracy and understanding of it. In their field, one can manage essential communication.
4 Limited One’s skills are limited to familiar situations. However, one is not able to understand complex language.
3 Minimal user One is only able to understand the general meaning in familiar situations. As a result, one may experience frequent communication breakdowns.
2 Intermittent user The candidate has problems communicating in English, whether spoken or written.
1 Non-user One only can understand a few isolated words.
0 Did not attempt One did not try the questions.

Underlined below is how an average score is calculated:

Modules Average Score
Listening 8
Reading 7.5
Speaking 7.5
Writing 7
Total 7.5

How long is IELTS Valid?

There are primarily two types of IELTS: paper-based and computer-delivered. If one has appeared for the former, then one will get the results within 13 days of the exams, whereas for the latter, one receives the scores within 3-5 days.

Furthermore, IELTS is valid for two years, except in Australia, which has been extended to three years. These changes have been brought under the GSM or General Skilled Migrants visa program.

One can take IELTS as many times as one wants. However, even if one fails the previous exam or the score becomes invalid, one’ recent score will be considered while applying.

Once one receives the Test Report Form, one can send it to five universities of their choice. Sending additional TRFs involves paying an extra fee to the governing authority of the exam.

With IELTS, one can apply in many English-speaking countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. This is a primary prerequisite for visas and universities, which candidates must fulfil to obtain admission. Moreover, the professional organisation recognises this and facilitates one’s employment.

Which Countries Accept IELTS Score?

The UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada accept that. Underlined below are the mentioned scores:


Candidates must have a 6.5 band overall score for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. However, universities such as the University of Oxford ask that candidates have a 7.0 band overall.


Universities in the USA expect their candidates to have a minimum of 7.0 band overall. However, this depends from university to university.

New Zealand

Candidates must score a minimum of 6.0 overall if applying for undergraduate courses. If they are applying for postgraduate courses, they must attain a 6.5 band. On the other hand, candidates must score a minimum of 5.5 if they wish to pursue a diploma.


For undergraduate courses, candidates should attain an overall band score of 6. However, postgraduate courses expect their candidates to score a 6.5 band overall.


The same applies to Australia. However, if applicants apply for a medical course, they must attain a band 7 overall.

Now that candidates know IELTS validity, they should start preparing it accordingly. First, they must take practice tests to know where they stand and polish their vocabulary by learning new words and understanding their meaning.

In addition, they must know about the exam structure, and what types of questions are asked. This includes knowing what each section entails and working on it.

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