5 Best Open World games to play

We all play a lot of games every day. Some of the games we can play with our friends online and some we can play offline. Besides, some of these games are open world, and some are bounded with some missions. All open-world games are fascinating. You will be thrilled to play all these games. Action and open-world games are always better to play. I recommend you playing all these games. People can openly play Casino in Kuwait.

Here is a list of best five open-world games

Grand Theft Auto V:

GTA V is one of the best open-world games which is represented by Rockstar games. This is the best offline game I played ever. If you haven’t played it, just download and play it.

It was officially released on the date of September 13, 2013. While playing this game, you will get a character like a mafia. You will have a lot of cities to visit. GTA V is a game which has a lot of adventures. It is mainly an action-adventure game. Rockstar North developed the game with its best employees. It took about two years to complete designing this game. The game is known as the best game of Rockstar. ┬áNow coming back to the game info. The leading player’s story follows some retired robber Michael Santa, gangster Franklin, and dealer and smuggler of dealers Philips.

System Requirements:

  1. 65 GB hard disk space
  2. 8 GB ram
  3. 2 GB graphics card
  4. windows 7/8/10

Assassins Creed Brotherhood:

After GTA V you can try this game out. This is also an action-adventure game. It was released at the date of November 16, 2010. The game is related to the prince of a kingdom. He is the main character of this game as he fights with all villains. Ubisoft also produced the game, but it is designed with the members of Ubisoft Montreal.


System Requirements:

  1. 8 GB hard disk space
  2. 4/2 GB ram
  3. no graphics card needed
  4. windows 8/10

Just Cause 4:

Just Cause 4 is an open-world game designed with action and adventurous scenes. Its graphics is very high. You will also get a mafia-type character while playing this game. It was released on the date of December 4, 2018. The game is best of all open-world games I played ever. You will be provided with a lot of missions, a lot of weapons and cities while playing this game.

System Requirements:

  1. 59 GB hard disk space
  2. 8 GB ram
  3. 2gb graphics card
  4. windows 8/10

Metal Gear Solid Game 4:

It is the 4th game of Metal Gear Solid series. The game was released at the date of June 12, 2008. Though the game is old, the game is exciting. This game is an open-world game related to secret purpose missions. This is mainly a game pertaining to action replay. This game was designed by the best members of Kojima Gaming Production. You will be provided with lots of guns, missions and cars in this game. The missions are exciting and hard to complete.


System Requirements:

  1. 16 GB hard disk space
  2. 4 GB ram
  3. Dual-core 2.7 GHz processor (minimum)
  4. windows 7/8/10

Far Cry 4:

Far Cry 4 is the 6th game of far cry series. It is a game designed by the Ubisoft company. This game is an open world, action and adventurous game. This game is available for playing in single-player and multiplayer. You will be provided with a pet for your help in this game. The game was released at the date of November 18 2014. I think this is the best open-world game to play if you are interested in playing open world-action games.

System Requirements:

  1. 30 GB hard disk space
  2. 4gb ram
  3. 2 GB graphics cards

This all games are totally free. All the games are on the internet to download. You can run all these games in medium-end pc. For running all these games in our pc, you just need 1 TB hard disk, 8 GB ram, 2 GB of the graphics card and a better performing processor. So, get ready to be thrilled by playing all these games.

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