5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Pressure Washer

A pressure washer has become a handy tool for cleaning surfaces that have grease, plant residues, and accumulated dust.They are mainly used it large surfaces but are also ideal for smaller surfaces too. It is a great way to restore and clean your hoes’ exterior.

This article will focus on the crucial things to consider when buying a pressure washer to make your cleaning activities more manageable and fun. Pressure washers make cleaning dominate where dirt would otherwise have.

Owning a pressure washer is an excellent idea as it makes cleaning enjoyable and easy. With the various things that a pressure washer can clean, adding this gadget as part of your cleaning tools will eventually save on cleaning costs.

1. Coldwater vs. hot water

Most stores store cold water washers as they are less complicated and are easily portable. A coldwater pressure washing machine relies on water pressure. Hot water pressure washers do a better job mainly because they use hot water and soap, which works great at removing stains. Coldwater pressure washers are better for homeowners, while commercial cleaning companies prefer hot water washers.

2. Electric vs gas

The main difference between these two pressure washers is strength and speed. The gas pressure washer produces more power but is quite loud. The electric washer is less loud but has low power output. The electric washer works great for people with small surfaces requiring cleaning. The gas washer works excellent if you have large areas that need cleaning, such as driveways. Be sure to check how much wattage the electric washer uses per wash.

3. Portability

Portability is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a washer. How easy will it be to store and move it around when cleaning? It will be very frustrating to get home and find that you can’t use the washer yourself or need help folding the horse pipe. While at the store, make sure you try your choice out before settling on a purchase.

4. Power

Most power pressures only state two ways factually. GPM and PSI (meaning gallons per minute and pounds per square respectively). The third state, known as CU (cleaning unit), will help you determine which washer is better for your needs. Even though some washers don’t indicate their cleaning unit, finding it is easy. Multiply the GPM with PSI, and you get the washers’ CU.

5. Warranty

Most warranties out here claim to cover washers for the most extended period. However, what the warranty covers are the most important thing to check. Does it cover both the engine and pump? This is the crucial part of a warranty. If it doesn’t, move around until you can find a manufacturer willing to cover these two things.


Whether dealing with a powerful cleaning or just a gentle wash, owning a pressure washer is undeniably a great addition to your cleaning tools. They offer easy and perfect solutions to your cleaning tasks. Pressure washers vary depending on your specific needs. It is wise to research the best washers before making a purchase.

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