5 Ideas for How to Enjoy Your Days at Home Throughout the Pandemic

The pandemic has come and Singaporeans are spending their days at home. What can they do during this time? We have compiled a list of the 5 best ways to spend your time at home during the covid-19 seasons in Singapore.

Get A New Hobby: Reading

Reading and writing are great hobbies to keep your mind sharp and active. You can always find a new book or journal on the topic of interest from the library!

The nicest part about reading is that it can be done alone or with others. Reading allows everyone to be entertained and informed without the need to interact with others.

Making Crafts

An excellent hobby for kids or those who haven’t grown out of their childhood yet is crafting! It not only keeps your hands occupied, but it also fosters creativity and problem-solving abilities. Check out Pinterest for some fun (and easy!) DIY projects to try this covid season.

The best thing about making crafts? You can do them anywhere you want–at home, school, a friend’s house–you name it! There are no limits to what can be made; anything from clay figures to pop art paintings is possible.

Learn New Cooking Skills

Learn to cook a new dish or two this covid season! If you’re anything like me, then cooking is one of your favourite pastimes. This is an excellent time to begin experimenting with dishes from various cultures.

It’s never too late to expand your palate and try something new!

Find The Best Online Casino to Play At

The best online casino is one of the most popular ways for Singaporeans to spend their time at home during the Covid-19 season. Try out a new gaming site or find your favourite and play all night long with friends!

BK8Asia is one of the newest, exciting online casinos in Singapore now. It’s always 100% safe too because they have excellent security systems set up by professionals from around the world! Check them out today before you start playing so you know what games are on offer ahead of time. You won’t regret it – there are some great slots games too like Cleopatra, Ocean Blue, and more.

Plan a Vacation With Friends

Travelling during the covid season is not recommended. But if you must, then set your travel dates far away from the covid peak (usually in March and April). One of the best ways to avoid contagion is by travelling with friends; that way, one person doesn’t have to worry about getting sick while their friend isn’t!

There are lots of alternative ways to spend your time at home during the Covid-19 season. You could learn something new like programming or web design–or you could just take some time for yourself with a cup of tea and watch Netflix all day long! Whatever it may be, make sure you’re staying safe!

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