5 Reasons You Can Benefit from Using Eyelash Serum

It’s the product that is flying off the shelves and beauty lovers everywhere are raving about it on social media. Eyelash serum by Flawless Lashes is the cosmetic must-have of 2021. We take a look at lash serum, the benefits of using it and what you should look out for when buying it.

What Is Lash Serum?

Lash serum is a product that is applied directly to your lashes in a similar manner to mascara. But instead of coating your lashes with a potentially damaging cosmetic product, it actually promotes healthy growth and makes your natural lashes look as fabulous as they can be.

What Are The Benefits Of Lash Serum?

So, why should you consider buying wizard eyelash serum this season? Here are the top benefits of using this great product.

1. It Promotes Moisture

Just like your hair, your lashes need moisture. Without it, they can become dry and brittle and break or fall out early. Not only does this mean you won’t get those fluttering fans so many of us want, but it can also impact your eyes in other ways.

Dry eyelashes and their follicles can lead to puffiness, irritation and redness around the eye. Many put this down to being tired, poor diet, age or hormones. In reality, many people can combat this problem by simply making sure their eyelashes have the moisture they need.

Using mascara, facial cleaners and other products can seriously dry out those lashes, so make sure you give them the love they deserve,

2. Give You Longer, Fuller Lashes

Lash serum also encourages growth. This makes your lashes longer and thicker. This means natural lashes can look incredible or team them with mascara and you can achieve some of the most intense looking fans, without the hassle of extensions or falsies.

3. Prevents Early Fall-Outs

We all have the potential to grow long, fluttering eyelashes, but sometimes we need a little help. The problem many face is eyelashes falling out before they have reached their optimum length.

Eyelash serum nourishes the cuticle. This means that lashes are given a stronger base to stay onto, meaning they are less likely to fall out and can grow to their full potential.

For those who suffer from hair loss, alopecia and other conditions, this can be a great product to use as it can really promote the best growth possible.

4. Your Eyebrows Can Benefit Too

Thick eyebrows have been a trend for many years and it looks like they’re here to stay for some time.

Unfortunately, we aren’t all blessed with naturally thick eyebrows and many treatments to achieve this can be incredibly costly.

Lash serum can be used on eyebrows too. This stimulates the brow hair follicle in the same way and can help get fuller-looking brows in a matter of weeks. 

5. It’s Cheap & Lasts Ages

Lash serum comes in a variety of prices but most are affordable. In many cases, a bottle of lash serum will cost less than mascara and can even eliminate the need to buy mascara altogether.

One 5ml eyelash serum bottle can last upwards of 6 months, meaning you rarely need to buy it, unlike other beauty products. 

Looking To Buy Lash Serum? What You Need To Know

No Hormones

There are hundreds, if not thousands of lash serums on the market at the moment and they aren’t all the same. You may have seen beauty reviews from well-known influences who have created hype around a lash serum that showed insane results in just a few weeks.

Sounds great right? Actually, these serums can do more harm than good. Yes, they are a quick fix if you want long lashes quickly, but this is achieved with artificial hormones.

These hormones force lashes to grow too quickly that they don’t properly form and grow hollow, meaning they will all fall out quickly and can actually make your lashes look worse than when you started.

They also impact your natural lash cycle, meaning if you choose to stop using the product, your lashes will take a while to recover.

When shopping, always choose a hormone-free lash serum. Yes, it takes a little longer to get results but the long-term benefits are far greater. 


There are two ways to apply the lash serum. Firstly, the traditional mascara wand. This is recommended to anyone who is a beginner or doesn’t have a steady hand.

The second application method is with a small brush, similar to liquid eyeliner. This does provide more accuracy to the base of your lashes but isn’t the easiest of methods.

You should now have a great understanding of lash serum, what it does, why you should use it and what to look out for when shopping for it. 

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