5 Shoes Men Should Own for Spring & Summer

It’s common knowledge that it’s easier to create a winter wardrobe than to choose what to wear during any other season. You just need to layer up while looking good at the same time, and internally hoping you don’t feel too warm or chilly. But when it comes to the warmer months, especially summers or spring (depending on where you live), it becomes harder to pick smart casual outfits that are simultaneously comfortable and stylish. And it’s even harder to decide which shoes to match with your outfits because most smart casual men’s shoes can’t be paired with summer outfits so easily. But worry not, in this blog we will provide you with a guide on how you can fix this problem.


When it comes to the spring and summer seasons, you need versatile wardrobe options because this is the time when you alternate between different tasks from office to personal meetups. Hence, loafers are the most diverse footwear for this purpose which you must have in your collection. Classic penny loafers are a nice smart casual style to own when matched with a t-shirt that goes with your vibe, or even with a lightweight suit for your more formal outings.


Sneakers/trainers used to be limited to gym and sportswear, but thanks to the trend of athleisure, they’ve turned into a good smart-casual footwear choice, especially during the time of spring and summer. They’re a comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear with any casual outfit, and if you are good with taking care of your shoes, you’ll likely get a few pairs that will be durable for you. And while it’s nice to have sneakers that are vibrant, you may also benefit from investing in a pair that is sophisticated and sober to match with a more formal tone.


While laid-back summers are what we always wish for, Derbies are a good choice for any occasion, may it be weddings or a professional meeting. But make sure to match your tan, brown, or black colored derbies with lighter colored suits along with slim-cut chinos, polo shirts, and tailored shorts and trousers.

Getting high-quality derbies may seem like a big investment, but if you take proper care of your shoes, they’ll be worth the amount spent on them. So when it’s time to wear something smarter, derbies come in handy.


Moccasins are shoes for every occasion. Designed to be soft and flexible, they’re a good choice for men to have on any day and during any weather. While black and brown moccasins are considered to be better for a professional look, tan and white moccasins are usually preferred for more non-formal occasions. And if you style your outfit well, you may not even need to wear socks, or at least high ankle socks, with your shoes for a more comfortable summer look.

Monk Strap

Monk Straps are moderately formal shoes, less than an Oxford but more than Derbies. So it’s more of a blend between an Oxford and a loafer than having a unique identity of its own the way Moccasins do. They’re a relatively comfortable choice, especially for spring when there’s no chill of winters but still a hint of cold in the air.

These are the shoes every man should have in their summer and spring wardrobe for more comfortable yet smart-casual options, like those provided by FHS Official.

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