5 Things You Should Know About Amazon Flex

In the world of gig jobs like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash, the delivery industry has continued to grow as the public is avoiding going out to the grocery stores themselves to prevent getting sick and for the benefit of their comfort. As the need for delivery continues to grow, more companies join the side hustle industry of delivering goods.

One of the world’s most successful companies, Amazon, launched its own delivery service called Amazon Flex back in 2015, but not many people are talking about it. Through their app, Amazon Flex enlists its drivers to deliver packages for the nation’s largest online retailer. There are certain Amazon Flex requirements that must be checked out prior to signing up for their delivery jobs, where drivers can make from $15 to $25 an hour depending on their location.

Here are five other things you should know about Amazon Flex.

1. Amazon Flex has a simple set of requirements.

Some of Amazon’s requirements include being 21 years old or older and having a valid driver’s license. Additionally, they require their drivers to have auto insurance and a mid-size sedan or larger car or truck. Their cars or trucks must have an enclosed bed, and they must possess a smartphone in order to take their delivery orders. Lastly, in order to qualify for the delivery gig, drivers must pass a background check and Visit this page .

2. Drivers can work within timed blocks.

Additionally, these independent contractors will work in extremely competitive shifts called blocks. A block is a delivery shift that Amazon Flex drivers race to claim as only a handful of them are available every day. Although many drivers are opting to use third-party services or bots to claim these blocks as they increase their chances of winning a delivery shift block, the practice goes against Amazon’s guidelines and can lead to the deactivation of the driver.

3. Amazon can deactivate drivers for different reasons.

Amazon keeps a tight grip on its workers and tracks their every move while on the block. If Amazon’s geolocation services determine you’re not within the delivery wait zone or en route to the delivery destination, they will deactivate you in an instant. This being said, drivers can’t work for other delivery companies while they’re on the Amazon Flex block.

Other reasons to get deactivated while working for Amazon Flex include if you cancel too many blocks too often, if you’re not delivering enough packages during your block, or if you are caught tampering with or stealing the packages. The same goes for verbal and physical assault, missing your blocks, providing late deliveries, and not returning packages, among other reasons. Where to buy strophanthus gratus seeds.

4. Drivers can use their own cars.

Amazon Flex drivers can use any four-door vehicle as long as they’re larger than a sedan. Some drivers opt for vans or trucks with covered beds as they are large enough for regular Amazon deliveries. As long as their cars are insured and safe to use, they can drive any vehicle type, make, and model.

5. Employees need to be healthy to deliver goods.

As with many other jobs, being a delivery person for Amazon Flex requires them to be healthy and hearty as to be able to carry heavy packages and drive around town every day. Drivers must be willing to deliver packages under bad weather conditions, spend long hours driving, and risk getting injured from accidents. Amazon Flex drivers must also be knowledgeable in reading and writing and have a certain level of customer service to be able to properly deliver the orders to their rightful destinations and to properly handle the mobile app.

Delivering for Amazon Flex can be just the gig job you need to finally make ends meet.

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