5 Tips To Remember When Matching A Watch With Your Outfit

Finding the perfect fit either in relationships or life, in general, is an idea that exists in our minds daily.  When selecting an item to complement another of our outfits, we often find it challenging and sometimes daunting.  One slip up and that accessory you love so much can turn into a mistake that your friends may not forget in a hurry.

It goes without saying then, that a watch can either make an outfit or mar it.  So in this article, we will give you some tips on how you match your outfits with the perfect wristwatch. 

  1. Know Your Wristwatch

There are over fifty different types of watches on the planet, and these watches serve diverse purposes. So knowing what kind of wristwatch you have in your wardrobe will enable you to understand the function that best suits your wristwatch.

Some wristwatch types include; dress watch, field watch, diving watch, aviator’s watch, racing watch, and digital watch. Each of these wristwatches was designed for special events or activities. An example is a diving wristwatch mostly worn by divers and the aviator watch and also used by pilots. The classic dress watch is worn for formal events.

The Audemars Piguet watches are one of the few unique wristwatches that possess some versatile features. It is a one-of-a-kind feature that is suitable for various events and activities.

Identifying and knowing the type of watch you own will help you determine what occasion or purpose is best suited for that watch. 

Knowing your wristwatch will go a long way in allowing you to select the perfect one to complement your outfit, because trust us, you don’t want to be found wearing an aviators watch at a black-tie event. 

  1. Keeping it Simple 

When selecting a watch, always try to keep it simple. Remember that the wristwatch is just an accessory and not the main article of clothing. Your watch should not overshadow the outfit but complement it.

Try accurately to pair your wristwatch with the right type of outfit. For instance, when you opt to wear a dress watch to a sporting event, you are not only doing it wrong, you are also not keeping it simple. 

  1. Color Matters 

When it comes to selecting a watch, one of the major factors to bear in mind is the color of the watch. Most of the time, we often don’t consider the color of a watch before putting it on, we just reach into our drawer and put on whatever watch color our hands can find, and this is wrong. For selecting the perfect watch color, you have to consider certain elements like the color of your outfit and the color of the other types of accessories you are wearing.

The cohesion of a watch color with another color of accessory items is highly important because it gives the entire look a sense of uniformity, and eliminates any perception of a certain item looking off. For instance, if you choose to wear a gold wristwatch, pair it with a gold chain, cufflinks, and ring.

Also, bear in mind that sometimes, the color of shoes you wear determines the color of the strap of your watch. An example is wearing a black leather strap wristwatch that will be the best fit when wearing a black leather shoe. 

  1. Try Something New

One fascinating thing about life is that it is all about taking a risk, and what better way to take a risk than trying something new? When it comes to selecting a watch, never be afraid to experiment by exploring other options. Don’t just stick to one particular color shade, size, or type. Try out new things, combine different kinds of watches with various outfits, and who knows, you might invent the next big trend in the world of fashion. 

Often, we see a pattern in the kind of watch people wear; the cliche black leather wristwatch. You can choose to break this stereotype by matching a gold pocket watch with a black tuxedo or by choosing to wear a digital wristwatch with a pair of shorts and a shirt. The bottom line here is; after selecting an outfit you want to wear, try to match it with a watch to see which one fits it the most. 

  1. Choosing the Right Size

Like Cinderella’s shoes, always make sure that the watch fits. Pick the right size of your wristwatch, but you don’t want to overshadow the size of your hand or forearm. When selecting a wristwatch, you should always choose the one that fits your wrist perfectly. Avoid selecting a wristwatch that is not bigger than your wrist or smaller. 

In Conclusion

Always remember to keep it simple. Avoid going overboard with the colors, size, and types. Also, remember to try something new. And don’t be scared to grab that watch you have never worn before and match it with your outfit. 

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