5 Trending Dropshipping Product Niches To Sell in 2022

In the last few years, dropshipping has come a long way, especially when 2021 was all about online shopping. Why now, you ask? The reason is the rise in the demand for personalized products, be it everyday wear or home decor accessories. As more and more people get on this bandwagon, they realize that with the help of social media dropshipping is convenient and mostly free! 

Such ease of business is also possible because of the simplicity of selling without getting involved. There’s no requirement of buying stocks or maintaining a website, rather importing it to your social media profiles, before you get to business. The consequences have been prolific across the world, as more and more people discover low competition, high search volume products. 

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But before getting into the details of how things are done, first, let’s look into what exactly is dropshipping and how it works?

Dropshipping: Basics of Getting Started  

In eCommerce, dropshipping is a one-size solution for business owners, since it doesn’t require any massive investment upfront, as well as no backend force to get started. So much so that 27% of online retailers shifted to dropshipping, and that made a visible difference. It’s essential to understand that drop shippers don’t reap rewards but earn on the upside between the purchase and sales price, and therefore don’t require any product inventory.  

Now that you know the basics of how dropshipping works, here’s what you’d need to get started: 

  • Research and learn about the products that fall in the interest/preferences of your follower base, and create a marketing strategy around it.
  • Choose an eCommerce website that is credible, professional, and reflects well with customers in general. 
  • Foster a symbiotic relationship with the best available product suppliers.
  • Decide on the pricing of the products that work both for you and your audience. That way you can stay ahead of your competitors as well as reap profits. 
  • Curate and implement an order fulfillment process on your system, for a better customer experience.

Since all of the above steps can get tricky to decide, we’re discussing some of the most looked upon product types online now, that you can get to dropship anytime. With the help of data-backed trends and predictions, here are some of the most profitable dropship product domains you can consider selling now: 

1. Beauty and Self-Care products

Studies show that beauty and health products sell a lot more than other niches. Many experts believe it’s because of the impulsive buying phenomenon that comes with advertising on social media, but for beginners, we would recommend going down a specific niche at a time. 

In today’s time when the beauty industry has multiplied massively online, with more people looking to get advanced, pro-level makeup results, makeup, and skincare falls right in the green zone of this niche. As a dropshipper, you need to take advantage of such trends and look online to understand what others are selling, before choosing your own. For example, you can start with a travel makeup brush kit that comes in a wrapped, mobile package to engage makeup enthusiasts on how it can make their work easier, as they travel. Since such makeup kits can range anywhere between $50 to $100 based on the quality, the margin on the products you choose can be high. Other similar products would include beauty face masks, eye gel pads, etc. 

2. Tech wearables 

With the tech industry booming exponentially with each passing day, there has been a rise in innovative, mobile, tech gadgets that people can wear every day. Such high-tech gadgets can improve their mobility and keep your audience connected, and entertained, and knock off daily chores – all at their fingertips. Therefore, products like smartwatches, activity trackers, wireless chargers, and other likewise products are more likely to get the most engagement and conversions. 

3. Pet Clothing and Grooming

There’s no overstating how huge the pet products market has grown since 2020 – especially dogs. According to the 2019-2021 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 67% of all households in the US have a pet, out of which 31% are millennials. 

Who doesn’t love gifting their pets with adorable, customized clothes, jackets, and leashes? Not just because it looks cute on Instagram, but because of the variety of options available on your pet’s preferences like being water-resistant, or keeping your homes and cars less messy. Lifesaver for a pet parent, right?

4. Camera Drones 

Statista reports that in the last three years the number of drones sold has multiplied by three times, making it over 400,000 pieces each year. So, what makes it so lucrative? Let’s see, drones are the perfect example of high-end technology and innovation into one unit, that can fly to good heights at ease, as well as require little maintenance. Plus, these can cost really high, starting from $300 – which translates into more profits. 

Be it travel vloggers, or photographers, drones can add high aesthetics and quality to their work. That said, drones also require sufficient accessories, spare parts like a camera lens, photography equipment specially made for the drone, drone controller, and waterproof drone carriers, which means more opportunities for you as a drop shipper to pitch relevant products. 

 5. Home and Bathroom Decor 

You might be asking yourself what makes them so profitable? First, they’re great head-turners. Be it crystal water bottles, or rustic soap dispensers – they are sure to hold the attention of your audience. Such products can feed off on the impulsive shopping instinct of the viewers, especially when they’re viewing it for the very first time. 

Unlike other dropshipping items, these products will be a lot easier to decide on their price, because your audience will lack sufficient comparison material to look at, so you can go all out and experiment with the quotes. 

Other high-demand products: 

Designer N95 masks: After last year, these self-protective gears will continue to be in demand for some time, and you can leverage this to your benefit. 

Shapewear products: Something that has stayed relevant all these years, people are always going to consider these for sporting or party purposes.  

Weekly organizers: Yes, thanks to Instagram and flat lays, people are keener on getting personalized, illustrated weekly planners to record their activities with ease.  

Wrapping Up:

For beginners looking to make the most of the trending products in the retail market, dropshipping can present an excellent opportunity to understand it all firsthand, as well as learn from the activity. In case you’re wondering to incorporate dropshipping into your online store, here are some of the experts we’d recommend getting it done right: 

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