5 Useful Tips for Artists to Promote and Sell Artwork

Promoting and selling your Artwork is often not about you nor the amount of hard work you had put into the art. Audiences are less concerned about your effort; rather, the result should speak for your proficiency. It will be unprofessional to say, “Hey, I put in so much effort into this, so please, buy my work!” That’s just a total turn-off.

Do you wish to explore creative and efficient ways of promoting and selling your artworks? You just made a hit! This guide provides five tips on selling your Artwork and how to do it just right.

1. Create an Attractive Portfolio

We all know how canvas photo printing online is the new deal for every artist who wants to sell their works creatively and efficiently. However, creating an attractive portfolio is a great strategy to establish yourself.

Meanwhile, your portfolio should not just be about yourself but also a compilation of your artworks. Put them together, and place them in categories.

2. Launch Out Quality Content

In whatever platform you are promoting your Artwork, make sure to create quality content alongside. However, it does not have to be a long caption or essay. You can give the audience a product description, making the audience understand reasons to buy from you.

Your content does not necessarily have to be in words. You can provide videos of yourself while you share your artwork experiences as an artist.

3. Optimize the SEO Tools

SEO tools are essential if you are keen on exploring the online market option. To optimize your search engine optimization, make sure you provide catchy content and use frequently occurring keywords.

Use keywords that audiences are most likely to check via goggle. Also, provide a platform where clients can engage and contact you. More so, it will help you to be specific about your target audience.

Your title should be descriptive for every content you put on your page and contains what you offer.

4. Canvas Art

Upgrade your artworks and turn them into canvas arts and prints. You can customize your canvas print to your preferred style and background. However, make sure your Artwork is in quality resolution if you are making prints.

Good quality artwork is a plus for your canvas design. Afterward, you can display your work by the roadside, collaborate with another artist, and sell under his platform.

Canvas art is the new trend for wedding photography. If you want to consider big events, you can go into wedding photography. From there, you can meet other potential clients.

5. Social Media Promotion and Marketing

Create social media pages to boost your online visibility. Let your business presence be known on various social media outlets, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Your social media profile can include a link to your website.

Also, stay consistent with posting on your social handles. More so, your audience can relate to your arts when you engage them. Use the social media strategy to promote yourself. You can be all over your page if you have to.


Check on google and identify competitive artists in the same niche. For the established artist, identify what they have been doing and how it has helped build the brand.  Finally, get a mentor or platform to continue learning and keep getting better.

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