5 Virtual Community Event Ideas To Create A Positive Change

The pandemic has taken a toll on everybody’s mental health. While organizations specifically are open following the protocols, everybody expects a healthy and fun virtual community to hang out with. 

In fact, many online chat rooms are looked forward to amid the pandemic. Why? Just to have some fresh air and relax themselves from their daily office plus house chores. 

But as organizations, virtual calls are mostly conducted to brief the team about something specific. Virtual calls in organizations are mostly set meetings, interviews, and planning. So, organizations are now focussing on their employees’ mental health and coming up with exciting virtual community ideas to keep the members engaged, happy, and help relax stress. 

So are you an organization looking for some exciting ideas to conduct great virtual community events? 

Then read along. 

Trivia nights

Absolutely this game is epic. Even though your members might hate the concept, once they are in, they are completely immersed. Trivia nights are exciting because it not just creates an excitement but also enables members to exercise their brains and feel victorious. 

You can conduct some amazing quiz nights about general knowledge, something like Uno, guess cards, and many more. 

Even if the game sounds childish, don’t shy away from trying this out. 

Drink nights

Gone are the days when employees used to hang out at bars and restaurants after their shifts. Amid the pandemic and during the post pandemic era, people are practicing safe distance and it is wise that people don’t hang around a lot. 

But having a few drinks with your favorite colleagues or neighbours or friends virtually is no bad idea. It is no different than hanging around in-person. You can talk as much as you want, be online late at night, invite any number of people without thinking about the cost, and indulge in a great conversation. 

If you haven’t yet implemented this idea at your organization or have not experimented with it personally, it is time that you give this a shot!

Yoga days

Most of us practice yoga at homes, but sometimes it is fun to do yoga out of the timetable along with members online. Yoga might sound boring, but it is a great way to relax the body and mind. 

As organizations, when your employees want you to give them some break, conducting a yoga session is great. With chores jumbling up at homes, no difference between office hours and family time, conducting yoga sessions for only half an hour will help your employees relieve some stress and feel better. 

Again, yoga days might sound boring and illogical to many, but try it out before you pass your judgement. Surely your employees would love it!

Zumba days

Don’t shy away from dancing because nobody can truly see you virtually. Have you ever been able to see all the attendees clear faces in a virtual call, considering there are more than twenty participants? 

Of course not! So how can you expect participants to watch you dance online?

Don’t shy away from doing zumba. Unlike yoga, zumba is more fun, intuitive, and interactive. You can dance to your favorite numbers together, along with an expert. While you are dancing in front of your camera, you are also losing inches, warming your body, and strengthening your minds. 

Talent shows

You can conduct real quick and short talent shows. People who can dance well, sing well, perform comedy, interact well, must be given a chance to showcase their talent. Conduct a power pack night with all your participants and create history. 

The only difference is attending a cultural night in-person, but when you indulge into the event along with the music played or comedy laughters, you forget the event is conducted virtually. 

Above are some really fun and cool ideas to conduct exciting virtual events. If you have shied away from introducing exciting events in your organization, it is high time that you give your employees some time to breathe. Get started with an amazing virtual event platform to provide an amazing experience!

Give them a great community with whom they can hang out with post their work hours and share great bonds in the post pandemic world. 

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