5 Ways a Topical CBD Balm Can Help You

You may have seen more topical CBD balms entering the market recently, but how do they help? Should you consider one for your lifestyle? Here are five ways that a topical CBD balm can help!

Reduce Blackheads and Acne

If you struggle with blackheads and acne, you’ll know the frustration when you go to bed hoping that acne will disappear only to wake up and find that it’s worse. As well as affecting the skin, acne and similar skin problems harm confidence too. As a mild solution for the skin, many people will vouch for topical CBD balm in this regard.

According to many customers, CBD-based muscle balm from Greenbox helps to reduce not only the number of pimples and blackheads but also the size of existing ones. By reducing inflammation and regulating sebum production, you should see a noticeable difference in no time.

Eliminate Dryness

Elsewhere, others struggle with dryness with their skin. There are a couple of problems with dry skin:

  • It can feel itchy and rough to the touch
  • You’re tempted to apply lots of moisturisers but know that that inhibits oil production in the skin (and worsens the problem long-term)

Instead, try CBD balms. Once again, it has lots of supporters for this health problem. As well as acting as a moisturiser, CBD balm contains oils that nourish the skin with various nutrients. With anti-inflammatory qualities, your skin will start to heal while all peeling stops.

Help Psoriasis

For those unaware, psoriasis leads to patches around the body as it attacks healthy skin cells. As an autoimmune disease, it means that the body gets confused and attacks the wrong cells. Not only is psoriasis often painful, but it also causes scales and red spots around the body.

To ease pain, doctors recommend limiting inflammation and the multiplication of skin cells. Over time, many patients have found a saviour in CBD balm. As noted, it has anti-inflammatory qualities while the oil helps to regulate mood, pain, and other areas.

Aid Eczema

From one skin condition to another, eczema causes problems for millions around the world every single year. Although this won’t surprise you by this point, it’s the anti-inflammatory properties that provide the help here. You’ll quickly reduce inflammation, eliminate dry skin, and soothe other eczema-related symptoms. If you experience lots of pain and itching with eczema, apply some topical CBD balm.

Reduce Wrinkles

Unfortunately, nobody has yet found a way to reverse the signs of ageing. In other words, our bodies are going to age as we do the same. For many, one of the most common signs of ageing is wrinkles. While it’s impossible to eliminate wrinkles (using natural methods), you can help to reduce the impact they have as you get older.

For one thing, you may have noticed that dry skin leads to more prominent wrinkles. While you’ll find thousands of anti-ageing products on the market, very few are as effective as CBD balm. Why? Because it encourages oil production in the skin. Therefore, the balm treats dry skin in the short-term and in the long-term too.

With the product, you’ll also benefit from the antioxidant properties. In no time at all, fine lines and wrinkles reduce in size. What’s more, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids encourage the production of collagen, and your skin looks hydrated and beautiful all year round.

With this, you have five ways a topical CBD balm can help you. Why not try one now?

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