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6 Storage Solutions to Keep Kid’s Room Organised

Kids are often associated with clutter. They are playful, and they tend to leave things all over the house. However, it’s possible to train them to be organised. Having ample storage is an excellent way to do this. Their things will have their particular places, so they will develop the routine of putting them back where they belong with practice. It will help in keeping their bedroom, playroom, and even the entire house clean. Here are some storage ideas to keep youngsters organised.

1. Consider a loft bed

If your child’s bedroom is small, maximise the space by having a loft bed. It will free up space under the bed, so you can place drawers that will serve as storage. Your child will also have more room to play. You can also add a childrens bedside table where they can do their homework or have fun with artworks. Art and school materials like pens, pencils, crayons, sharpeners, and erasers can easily be a source of mess. Get cute small boxes or canisters where you can store them and put them on top of the study table for quick access.

2. Get a built-in cabinet

A built-in cabinet that is customised for your child’s bedroom size is an excellent way to optimise space and keep things organised. Besides serving as storage for clothes, part of it can also serve as storage for other things, including books, toys, and costumes. You can find different styles of these cabinets from My Fitted Bedroom.

3. Store things under the bed

If you opt for the regular bed over a loft bed, you can still use the space under it. Some beds come with drawers under them, which are added storage. If the bed doesn’t have them, use baskets, boxes, or plastic containers to store different items like toys, art materials, or things your child seldom use.

4. Install shelves on the wall

Make use of the empty walls by installing shelves. They can be floating shelves or bookcase style shelves. Use containers like bins for segregating items and putting them on the shelves. You may also place items directly on them without using bins. Put books together in one place and other things like stuffed toys or car toys in another.

5. Use chic containers

Some containers also serve as decorative pieces like laundry hampers, baskets, and bins where you can put your kid’s toys. Place things he often plays with on these containers to easily get them and put them back after playing. Go for containers with colours and style to add fun to the room and make it more eye-catching.

6. Stack crates together

Do not throw those old crates or old wooden boxes. With a quick paint, they will look fresh and new. Stack them together, and you will have instant storage in your kid’s bedroom. Make them easy to reach to serve as storage for things that they need to access immediately.

Train your child to put things back to where they should be to keep the room organised and neat. They will develop the habit in the long run, and it will be natural for them to do that without being told.

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