7 Fascinating Scientific Facts About Physiotherapy

We are all acquainted with the concept of Physiotherapy. Most of us know this as a treatment of the bones and muscles of a person after they have sustained some sort of injury. But that is not all and this branch of medical science has a lot of debate regarding its benefits. So, did you know about the fascinating origin of Physiotherapy?

Physical Therapy a.k.a Physiotherapy began in the United States after the First World War. There was a strange concept that physical disabilities could not be treated. But after the war when soldiers had reconstructive surgeries for their loss of limbs and other injuries, physiotherapy developed as a revolution in medicine.

Today, let us find out some scientific facts about Active Physiotherapy and neuro physiotherapy that will change your outlook towards this treatment.”

But with proper physical therapy, the treatment is an entirely non-medical process that includes exercise, massage and new emerging treatments like dry needling Brisbane.

The 7 Important Facts to know about Physiotherapy

1.  Varied health benefits: One of the greatest uses of physiotherapy is in post-op patients. Several patients who suffer from some kind of injury or accidents and have to undergo big surgeries have a long recovery period ahead of them. So with physical therapy, it helps the patients to gain control over their skeletal system and muscles to gain control. But besides surgical cases, many patients with muscle injuries and degenerative diseases can also benefit from physiotherapy or podiatry services.

2.  Effective drug-free treatment: With many patients who have trouble with joint pain and muscle cramps, they often keep popping pills that can cause more damage to their health. But with proper physical therapy, the treatment is an entirely exercise and massage based one. This provides pain relief to most patients and keeps the circulation of the body running, without any high dose medicines.

3.  PT is a primary healthcare: Physiotherapy is not some kind of a theoretical practice of medicine. Physiotherapists are trained medical practitioners who work side by side of physicians and surgeons. Their main duty is to take care of the patients who are in recovery. After the surgery is over or the disease is diagnosed – it is a crucial time for patients to get back to their regular lives. The physiotherapists are the one who help them in this path. Therefore, Physical therapy is a part of primary health care and with the help of a licensed therapist, patients can have a much smoother way to recovery.

4.  More than physical effects: It is a proven fact that any kind of exercise has a number of health benifits for all age groups. Light exercise is not only good for the body but also has a good impact on mental health. So when one is going for physical therapy, they can expect some positive effect on their mental health as well. PT is known to have been helpful for patients with diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure. But besides this, it can help for people with anxiety and stress disorders to manage their mental health with the help of the exercises.

5.  Preventive care in many cases: There are many people who think that physiotherapy is only when someone has sustained an injury or have been in an accident. On the contrary, PT is an amazing preventive care for diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone disorders. Also, people living with muscle disorders can benefit a lot from keeping them healthy in the long run. With professional physiotherapists suggesting the right exercises and giving them the help they need for their condition, it can be a very beneficial experience. In many cases, it has been noted that physiotherapy has worked wonders for older patients with pain problems. So anyone, at any age group can go for a session or two.

6.  Not only for athletes: Many people have the idea that physiotherapy is important only for athletes and people who go through a lot of physical exertion. Sportspersons who go through training all day or sustain injuries during a game, they have to undergo physical therapy sessions to get back to normal. Though for licensed physiotherapists, sports and medicine are the two biggest careers to go into, it is not limited. This is why, any person can take a few physiotherapy sessions if they feel their muscles and joints need a little help to function normally.

7.  Enhances energy: Just as free-hand exercises and gym can help in increasing the energy levels of any person, physiotherapy has the same impact on a body. After a physiotherapy session, one can notice a considerable change in the body and its ability to do other activities throughout the day. For older people, physical therapy can actually be a game changer as it improves their energy levels, enables them to go for walks and they can participate in activities that are otherwise not possible because of physical ailments.

If you feel the need to take care of your body, do not hesitate to book a physiotherapy session for your well-being – both physical and mental.

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