7 Money-Saving Tips for Self Storage Units

Having a self storage unit to increase storage space is quite trendy nowadays. More and more people are inclined towards renting a storage unit since it is the fastest and cheapest way of increasing space. Self storage units are not hard to find, but it can take a lot of effort to find the perfect storage unit that matches your requirements. 

People are ditching their extensive lifestyles and resorting to the minimalistic aesthetic by storing all their excess belongings in storage units. It is a quick, hassle-free solution to get a lot of stuff out of the way. Self storage units are quite in demand right now, hence the sky-high prices. 

If you are looking to cut the cost of storage units, we might have some insightful tips. We understand that you want to store stuff that is important for you and holds some kind of emotional or monetary value. What if you tell you we have discovered some hacks for saving money? 

Follow our simple money-saving tips so that you can rent a storage unit without worry!

Declutter, donate, and dump! 

We understand a lot of people may get overwhelmed with clutter. Some people get anxious if their house, room, or office is disorganized. If you, too, have accumulated a lot of stuff over time, and shortage of space is hindering your performance or mental health, perhaps it is the perfect time to go for a self storage unit. 

One of the initial things you can do to save money while renting a storage unit is to weed out all the junk and useless stuff. There may be some clothes in your closet that you will never wear. Maybe it’s time to donate them to someone who might use it. The golfing shoes, ski, or snorkeling set you bought for the vacations, perhaps it’s time to let go of them too.  

You can substantially reduce your stuff by throwing away the useless junk and donating stuff that you will never use in the future. The rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in the past six months, you will not use it ever. 

Categorize and organize

Another handy tip that will eventually cut your self storage cost is smartly organising all the stuff you want to store. Before going ahead and starting storing, start organizing. The storage industry is not as straightforward as it used to be. There are different kinds and types of storage units available. It all boils down to your requirement and the stuff you want to store. 

Once you have organized everything, it will be easy to determine whether you require a climate-controlled storage unit or a regular storage unit will be good enough. Depending on the value of your stuff, you can choose a high-protection self storage unit or go with one that has a padlock. Categorizing your stuff will lead to saving money. 

You can also read up on some organizing blogs and tutorials readily available on the internet. This step will help you set the right way to choose the perfect storage unit while saving money along the way. 

Pack wisely

This step is crucial when it comes to renting a storage unit. Inefficient packing can take up a lot of space which means you might have to go big in size. You can save a lot of money while efficiently packing everything, the right kind of boxes and packing material will ensure all your stuff gets stored efficiently and properly. 

You can make the most of even a 10sqft storage unit if you pack wisely. Appropriately packing everything so that it remains safe is an art form. It will be better to practice your packing and stacking skills beforehand. You can choose different kinds of box material or sizes and work with stuff that seems best to you. 

Some storage companies also sell packing material at affordable prices. You can opt for such a storage company and save some extra cash on boxes and packing peanuts too. Our tip is to choose sturdy boxes that can be stacked on top of each other, and it will take up less space and make room for more stuff. 

Compare and choose

The storage industry is heavily saturated, and there are hundreds of storage companies operating worldwide providing exceptional services. People who are looking for affordable storage units in Adelanto CA are at an advantage because market competition has led to economical storage unit prices. Now it is not about the prices, the main competition is who offers the best service and added features. 

You can save a lot if you choose your storage unit wisely. The more comfort, ease, and quick service you want, the more you will have to pay. Some storage companies offer the option of pre-booking, which makes you eligible for a discount. Some storage companies have the option of a 15% discount if you pay six months’ worth of rent upfront, it all depends on what you choose. 

Another way of saving some money is to browse comparison shopping websites. You can snag a pretty good deal on these websites where you can have a quick side-by-side comparison of prices and features of storage companies. There are some comparison shopping websites dedicated especially for people looking for self storage units. 

Go down a size

You might have heard ‘size doesn’t matter, but this statement is not true when it comes to storage units. Going a size up from 10sqft to even 15 sq ft will result in a significant price rise. If you badly need to increase storage space but have budget constraints, we advise you to get a smaller storage unit that stays within your budget. 

You can store so much stuff in a 10sqft storage unit if you utilize it wisely. You will have to be an organizational ninja and stack everything so that you can use every inch of your storage unit. 

Going down a size and going hard on organizing will result in less cost, which means you save some additional bucks. If you still are not sure about storage unit size, some web applications estimate your ideal storage unit size. Take help from these apps so that you don’t end up paying for unused storage space. 

Sharing is caring

We all have heard sharing is caring, and well, it is true when you want to save some cash. Ask around in your social circle if anybody wants to co-rent a storage unit for you. 

Some storage companies make it compulsory to pay rent in advance, get storage unit insurance and pay security charges. If you are finding it out of budget to pay all these charges, get a friend or family member on board and divide every cost with them. You can co-share the storage unit and save up considerably. 

Make sure you don’t decide in haste and co-share with a person you trust and know. It is not a good idea to share your storage unit with people you do not know, as you will be placing your stuff in it. 

Bargain a deal

Some storage companies offer exceptional discounts and deals so we recommend keeping an eye out for such promotional campaigns. You can keep an eye on comparison shopping websites or other shopping forums to snag a promotional discount. 

We recommend you ask for a discount and get a bargain as much as you can. You can ask for free transportation or a forklift, a padlock, or a key. Whatever amenities you can get free of cost means you save more money. 

Some storage companies offer an option of price matching, which means you can tell them about a storage company’s cheap price, and they will try to match the price for you. Bargain and striking a cheap storage unit deal depend entirely on your convincing power. 

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