90th Birthday Party Ideas

Coming up with 90th birthday party ideas can be a little overwhelming… after all, when a person reaches 90, it means they’ve got a lot of history behind them!

Planning a 90th birthday party for somebody special in your life? Where do you begin? A milestone birthday like a 90th is nothing more or less than a celebration a person’s life: his or her accomplishments, the people he or she loves, the scope of their life so far. But how do distill 90 years of a full life into one celebration?

Well, let’s break your 90th birthday party planning and 90th birthday gifts into a few key steps to help get some focus.

3 Important Steps Before You Plan

Before you send out invitations or decide on a space, there are several things that you need to keep in mind, that are special aspects of planning a 90th birthday party.

1. REALLY Know Who You’re Planning For

Step one is to make a list of the birthday person’s achievements: the jobs they’ve held, any awards they received, the interesting people they’ve met, if they served in the military, etc.

If you’re planning for somebody not-so-close to you and don’t have enough information, now’s the time to get family and friends involved. The more information you gather from your “sources”, the easier it will be to come up with 90th birthday party ideas the guest of honor will love… and the easier your party planning becomes.

2. Separate Your Party Planning into “Preference Sections”

Step two is considering the Celebrant’s tastes. When you’re planning a 90th birthday party, it’s not an “anything goes” kind of occasion. The kinds of things one 90-year-old would find lively and fun would be bothersome to another. So, separate your party planning into a few of the following concepts:

  • What kind of music will they enjoy?
  • Would this person want any party games?
  • What are this person’s favorite foods, and is there anything he or she shouldn’t eat?
  • Do they like casual settings or more formal affairs?
  • Who would they most want to attend their party?
  • Will they want a big crowd, or will a large group be bothersome?

Again, having this information helps you flesh out the specifics of your party. Some celebrants prefer a quiet night with family to a big bash, for example. This party is about them, so be sure to gear all of your 90th birthday party ideas accordingly.

3. Choose a Comfortable Location

Step three is location. Think about your Celebrant’s comfort zone. Some 90 year olds require wheel chair access, use a cane, or may get uncomfortable if they have to sit too long in hard chairs.

You need to make allowances for his or her physical condition in your party planning. Additionally, the number of people you’re inviting can narrow down your list of choices for location too. Let’s face it – there are a LOT of potential people on that list who might enjoy well-wishing, but you can get 90 people in your living room? That’s a whole other question.

One of the most 90th birthday party ideas is making the guest of honor as comfortable, happy, and content as possible.

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