A 3-Step Guide to Making Your Own Educational Videos

Everywhere, educational videos everywhere! No matter if you organize online courses or produce self-care products. Educational marketing is another way to engage potential buyers, generate more leads, and drive more sales along with the other marketing tactics your business incorporates. 

Although creating videos might seem to require more skills and effort than simply writing an ad copy to promote your business, nothing is impossible if you learn the basics and know where to start. 

Here is a 2-step guide to help you with creating your own educational videos to be used in a variety of circumstances. 


As your first step to making an educational video, plan everything based on thorough research. Start planning on what, why, and how you want to make the videos. Make sure you bring news with your educational video and give value to those who are going to watch it. Reveal your target and make sure you create a content strategy that will be engaging to your audience. 

Plan on how you are going to create educational videos, which platforms are you going to use, and how much time approximately the creation of one video would take you. Plan the content. Generate titles and write the scripts. The videos of the Education category should be easy to process, engaging, and light. Include as many details as possible, as it will help you to smoothly finalize the creation of educational videos. 


The planning stage is followed by the implementation stage. It is important to have quality over quantity. If the quality of the video is going to suffer as you want to create more videos, your results might not be pleasing. So, it is better to pay attention not only to the quality of the content but the video recording itself. Try out as many tools as you can and find the best one with the necessary features. This way you can teach your audience about an eCommerce website development, graphic design, and other similar topics more efficiently.

If you feel like you need to advance the quality of the video, then go for it. Saving money is good, but if spending would benefit you long-term, it is worth investing. After all, the idea of creating educational videos is to reach viewers and ensure engagement from your followers. 


As you have already accomplished the first two steps of creating your own educational videos, it is high time to think of ways how to promote your videos to reach as many interested people as possible. You can start by including the videos on your website, sharing them on social media platforms, and posting them on forums and discussion platforms. 

This step is important since the feedback, reactions, and comments will determine the success of your educational video and prepare the ground for the creation of the next demanded educational video. 

Sharing your video content with others and promoting is an important step to make to further be capable of measuring and estimating the engagement metrics and calculating the demand.

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Wrapping up 

Educational videos are trending. Businesses, bloggers, and influencers are using educational videos to reach more people and extend the list of their followers. 

To create your own educational videos you will need to do thorough research and planning of every step, starting from putting together a script to choosing the recording platform. Record high-quality videos as it is an important factor to maintain the viewer engaged. Promote it through different channels and prepare the next video based on data and measured metrics. 

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