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A List of Top Tricks from Interior Design Experts to Create a Fantastic Show Home

Interior designers know a thing or two about creating the most exemplary show home, and the best experts will tell you to keep it simple, for starters. Of course, it pays to create a visual space in which buyers can picture themselves living, and you can begin by choosing colours that everyone can relate to, such as medium grey, beige, and taupe, particularly for the walls. But there are indeed plenty of other things you can do and incorporate to get that perfect show home look, and it needn’t be major elements, either. It’s the little details that make up the big picture, after all. Here is a list of top tricks from interior design experts to create a fantastic show home.

  • Add a bright red accent. One simple yet effective thing you can do is add a bright red accent to a room, and cherry red is a colour that isn’t just attractive – it’s effective, too. Even if the red colour doesn’t seem to fit with the room’s theme, it’s a risk worth taking, and you can always stick with just small elements like a lampshade, picture frame, or cushion. The red colour of the accent piece can bring any space or area to life.
  • Crown mouldings can also make a difference. Cornicing or crown mouldings have been around for ages, but this decorative element can add a traditional and timeless appeal to any space. The significant aspect of crown mouldings is that they come in different sizes and shapes, so you can still follow your theme. Granted, it’s more commonly seen in older houses, but if you add it to a new home, it helps give any room a more refined look. For Kitchen remodeling tips, you may visit kitchensacramento.com


  • Make sure to plan the home’s thoroughfares. It’s unfortunate, but one of the most common mistakes people make when designing and decorating a show home is cramming a lot of furniture in an area and not leaving any space around the room where people can comfortably walk around. That said, plan your show home’s thoroughfares carefully – experts recommend having at least 90 centimetres of space in a thoroughfare so people can pass side by side without bumping into each other.
  • Remember the definitive rule of three. Many design specialists, such as those from co.uk, will tell you that 3 is a magical number, and you should use it accordingly. In essence, any odd number grouping is magical, but 3 takes the top spot. You can utilise the group of 3 rule when it comes to cushions, candles, pictures, or vases. This forces the viewer’s eye to check the display and move around it, creating interest and visual appeal.
  • Take note of the 70-30 rule. There is yet another rule that you could benefit from if you want to have that perfect show home, and it’s the 70-30 rule. The idea is to decorate 70% of a particular space or area in a definite style or theme and then decorate the rest of the area’s 30% space in a wholly different, even contrasting, style. So, for example, you can liven up a room with a traditional theme by incorporating some contemporary elements or items.

You can do lots of other things to come up with the most attractive show home, and with just the right elements and features, your show home can go far indeed.

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