Add Texture to Your Designs With Procreate Stamp Brushes

Texturing your work can make all the difference! Procreate stamp brushes offer an excellent way to add texture and depth to designs. Check out for oil brushes procreate.

Below is a selection of some of the most sought-after and high-quality procreate stamp brushes currently available, ideal for various projects including illustrations, social media templates, logo elements and more!

Star Brushes

Procreate’s Brushes offer an ideal way to add texture and sparkle to your artwork, perfect for backgrounds and elements in digital paintings, collages and art journals! You can use them for backgrounds as well as elements that enhance them!

These stars come in various sizes, shapes, and colors – giving you plenty of options for designing a custom pattern or stamping out patterns or designs on a blank canvas.

Once your design is on canvas, importing its file into Procreate app makes it simple and accessible! Use your brush as an interactive brush: duplicate, alter size and opacity settings can all be adjusted as necessary!

Adjust the pull and dilution values to create different effects. The Pull slider controls how much paint will be pulled across the canvas while Dilution controls how much of a blur effect will be applied to it. Visit for procreate oil brushes download.

Floral Brushes

Presenting our brand new stamp set with floral brushstrokes! Use these brushes for line art, logo design, fashion designs and much more.

Enjoy creating detailed flower patterns effortlessly with these exceptional and intricate brushes! Each floral brushstroke is perfectly symmetrical for effortless results when rotating or scaling them.

These brushes are an invaluable asset in your design toolbox and also work wonders when used for nail art! Their small yet sharp bristles allow them to be used with highly pigmented gel paints.

Procreate offers several brush sets, and often provides samples of individual brushes. If you’re just getting started, this is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with how they operate.

Texture Brushes

Texture brushes are an effective way to add depth and character to your artwork, simulating various surfaces such as watercolor paper, canvas or even sandpaper.

Procreate offers an abundance of brushes, but sometimes you need an additional texture brush or two for fine tuning an existing one or creating something entirely unique. Procreate has some fantastic free texture brushes available to help!

This collection of texture brushes contains various grainy and speckled textures that can add an aged, dusty aesthetic to digital artworks. In addition, they can also be used for shading and stippling purposes.

Customize the appearance of grain by customizing its Grain Source, Grain Behavior and Filtering settings. With these options you can import photos or files for texture addition, as well as select from our source library to filter by.

Grain Behavior in the brush settings displays four sliders that control its overall behavior: these include movements, scale, zoom and rotation.

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